Monday, October 12, 2015

Emi's Thirty-Fifth Email! October 12, 2015

Goodness gracious me, where does the time go. 
This week was fantastic. Monday we went to the Trafford Centre (massive shopping mall we went to with Dolly in the past) with Shorna and a girl who was in my MTC group but served in Leeds and is also from this mission-the former Sister Riley (haha sorry, could've worded that to make more sense). We went to a TGI Fridays. Wow, Sister Barbaro can eat a lot haha. It's weird, they have a TGI Fridays and even a 5 Guys. They're both super expensive, but they're here! We got some last minute stuff before Shorna heads for her mission! 

Tuesday we had district meeting and got lost driving around Rochdale with the zone leaders. Our district consists of people from Brazil, South Africa, Italy, Russia, Zimbabwe and Uganda. Then we waitressed the youth for an activity.

Wednesday a tonne of (actually all) of our appointment fall through but we tried. We did meet up with sister Awire who was going to fellowship and made her a profile instead. And we went to a baptism of someone who needed to overcome an issue and finally did after a year and was baptised on her birthday!

Thursday we went to Bishop's and he helped us find a new flat to move to DTFW-out. It won't happen in my time, but still worth it.

Friday we helped someone paint haha. Then to our appointment that someone did come to, he asked us to be baptized halfway through our lesson! He's dated for next month. Pray for him.

Saturday we had another street display, not with the most success but we tried. Another old man kissed my hand and tried to warm it up under his jacket, kinda gross.

Sunday Shorna had a goodbye thing and then we went to the fireside. Sister Black made me the sweetest little scrapbook, it was hilarious.

So yup, we worked and another week went by. Sometimes I feel like the work doesn't progress and neither do I as a person, like at all. But I know Heavenly Father works on us bit by bit and he is also pushing the work forward. As long as I am doing everything I am suppose to, everything else is in His trusting hands.

Top 10
1) Sister Barbaro has spoken to like 10 Italians just since we've served together, it's pretty crazy. Buena note. For some reason I always understand her when she speaks Italian though, it's neat (see the 7th article of faith). Haha she also pointed out that I say "though" a lot whoops though.
2) Oh, I've made like 1000 cookies because people keep giving us eggs and butter haha
3) I've memorized probably 30 scriptures, so ten to go by Christmas
4) Shorna is going to be SUCH an amazing missionary, she's been a really good friend.
5) OH, MY TEETH ARE WHITE AGAIN!!!, I bought some probably sketch stuff from Tescos and I think it worked only because it was a stain, but who cares! They are white again, I can smile and not be ashamed, like seriously so happy
6) I've almost learned two songs on the piano now!
7) I love Oldham. I asked all my friends to write President suggesting that I train so that ideally I'll be here for two more transfers! Good thing Oldham is such a large area
8) Oh, Sister Barbaro and I agreed that in the winter we are occasionally going to use tanning beds. Not for our skin colour, but our sanity. I also want to buy a heat lamp.

So when it's finally sunny here, it's like there had never been a cloudy day in England. Now that my teeth are white again, it's almost like they were never yellow. I liken this to our trials. In the long picture they are for a small moment, our joy ends up exceeding our pain. I am striving to learn the lessons from these moments though so that when the winter comes or I lose a tooth or something, I have the reassurance that Heavenly Father and Christ can strengthen me through anything and that we will be able to endure all things (see the 13th article of faith). I am grateful that no matter how stubborn my will may be, I can always accept His.

Sister Emi Doncheva

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Emi's Thirty-Fourth Email! October 5, 2015

Yeah sorry, here's just another culture update:

~ There seems to be a lack of bathrooms in buildings. A three or four bedroom home may only have one bathroom. Even public ones, very scarce.
~ Also a lack of water fountains anywhere, not that we drink tap anyway.
~ Lots and lots of different ethnicities. Especially Muslim, Romanian and Czech communities.
~ Dog fouling-dog dropping 
~ Armani and Michael Kors are a-must here. They even supply it at Costco haha.
~ People are constantly getting their cars washed, which I don't understand if it rains so often anyway.
~ Same thing with window cleaners
~ Pot noodle = cup noodle
~ Drew one-a-piece = tied one-to-one
~ Yankee....
~ Stripes on ties go to the left, not right (in point of view from the viewer)
~ Sorted = all good

A quote from Sister Allen: "Is returning with honour even a thing for sisters?" Haha yes (in my opinion at least).
Quote from Sister Barbaro after some men in front of a pub scared me: "Heavenly Father knows, they will be punished" her kettle was definitely whistling, she was not pleased at all haha.

I am so so grateful for this Gospel. It just makes you love everything and everyone. I may miss my friends and family sometimes but even though I haven't/ won't see them all in a while, my ability to love them all has increased tenfold. Everyone back home, you are so amazing and I am so grateful for you and love you.

Top 10
1) General Conference
2) Moses Creek with the Porridges
3) Lynn. Finally a solid new investigator-friend
4) Indian summer, it's been beautiful!! (Testing if you remember it from last week)
5) Exchanges with Sister Warren
6) Seals having us for conference
7) Zone meeting!
8) Ward mission leader and his family
9) New district. I'm the only American, that never happens.
10) Change of desires put in action/Learning. Especially patience- the hard way seems to be the only way on this one. I'll be what He wants me to be.

Sister Emi Doncheva