Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Emi's Thirty-Third Email! September 28, 2015

We worked a lot this week but to no true avail. It's ok we'll keep trying and keep improving. Not much to update on, so I figured it was high time for another culture update.

But first a little something : "Steadfast-resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering" I need to be more consistent especially regardless of the weather.

Also, huge huge huge thank you to Heidi Hachtman for the really nice package. I hadn't realized so much had changed back home for her, but I'm DEFINITELY grateful for her and her family and the 7th ward family. SWOD. 
And thanks to everyone I got letters from this week, it's the best.

Mate- bro/homie
Pilar box- mailbox
Indian Summer- late summer
I'nt it- isn't it
Cars flash their lights a lot more often as a thank you (due to the denser roads)
Cars park on either side of the road facing either direction and halfway on curbs
Trainers- sneakers/tennis shoes
Full stop- period mark (Bishop and I had an intense conversation about this one)
Tablets- pills
Set tea- coach/sofa (don't get this one either) 
Bits- pulp
Trumped- tooted/letting one rip
For some reason laundry machines are always in the kitchen and you can typically have a washer dryer combo. 
Just to clarify, I have by no means picked up any accent nor will I haha.

Conference was already amazing, for the first time ever I was fully able to concentrate on the speakers and not zone out! Huge blessing, I really hope that is something that sticks forever, like I'm actually super grateful for that and can look forward to conference even more. I hope we can all be prepared for it and have some questions prayerfully in mind that conference will for sure answer.

We are just keeping on. I'm learning loads and Heavenly Father is really blessing me and I'm very grateful for that, even just in the small things. The power of everyone praying at 6 is kicking in and I know we will find someone who is prepared for the gospel soon. My heart is full in regards to serving in England. I love it.

Sister Emi Doncheva

P.S.- I love sister Barbaro, she's amazing, and this mission is the best, I'm going to really miss it the day it comes to an end.

Emi sent these pictures this week. Some are from the MTC and the others are a little older too. Enjoy!

 The baptism

 Throwback to the MTC, he spoke English but refused to actually speak it. I was trying to convince him.

One of my friends from the MTC in the field, by far the funniest picture I've ever seen. Notice his thug companion in the background.


 So happy!

 The beautiful Prearon temple

MTC gets to you.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Emi's Thirty-Second Email! September 21, 2015

So the new companion is from southern Italy ooo exotic. Her name is Sister Barbaro and she just got done being trained by the other Bulgarian sister in the mission haha. She seems super solid, but I'm a bit more precautions and apprehensive in my normal conduct because not only are we from different ends of the world, but she's 24 and literally is learning English (she told me the 8 years she studied English at school she copied people haha). I think that will force me to be more patient haha. But she is also the only member in her family and was baptized around the same time as me so there are some commonalities. Plus she's hilarious, easy going, super cleanly and nice, so it'll be all good. Also, she wants to switch around two entire rooms in the flat haha goodness. I love her already.

Sorry, this blog is more of a health and mental health blog than a missionary one but I think it's because I already write our days events in my journal in regards to missionary work so it feels a bit redundant in reporting. (By the way, my teeth got stained from ginger tea and last week I ran for 1:45 minutes around Dovestone).

We are in a bit of a lull right now in regards to the work which means a miracle must be coming.

2 Cor 5:7 For we walk by faith not by sight

Thanks to Bishop's family for having us for tea and sorry for getting flour everywhere

Top 10
1) Thanks Alicia for the package! Also thanks Kari for the fab package! I'm way too spoiled, thanks for all the love and support
2) Transfers
3) Visiting some members
4) Sister Barbaro is amazing, I have been so lucky with my companions
5) Hasn't rained aap tonne
6) We did a street display
7) New district
8) Working and learning 
9) Letter from Lillie Haggard !
10) Jess got a rad scoot! We will be riding in the future!

I'm very grateful for how this gospel shapes us to be more and be stronger and be happier. Serving is the best thing we can be doing and I can't wait to serve those I already know and love back home better. Until then I Will keep working my tail off and loving the people here the best way I can and that is first done by loving the Saviour as much as possible. I am grateful for Him.

Sister Emi Doncheva

Emi's Thirty-First Email! September 14, 2015

This week was such a blur. A lot of it had to deal with Sister Allen and a circular hard lump that was on her stomach. It had been there for over a year and only recently did it start hurting, so only until recently (this week) did she do something about it. I expressed how much earlier I would have made something like that known to a Dr. But it's all in the past now anyway I suppose. So we hustled and bustled about trying to sort everything with our health insurance, our appointments and her pain. Basically, if we didn't have appointment we stayed in. I was going bonkos and decided I wouldn't want to stay in England as a missionary without our clear cut purpose. We were still able to utilise the time, but it was weird. At least we got to go to our fancy private hospital and get free hot chocolate. Also I forced her to go to Bishop's one night so we spent time with his family and we made a massive batch of ice cream.

We also got to go to a baptism in Chorley (where the temple and MTC are) after our street display in Rochdale, so that was nice. It rained during the street display, but the Ashton Stake President saw us and bought us all Subway! We also got to say bye to an Elder returning home to Brasil this week. Oh and over dinner one elder bought a whole chicken and a huge slab of pork, it was hilarious. The baptism was another adventure because normally we take the train, but apparently it's not running on weekends so we took a coach, and therefore were late. It also meant we headed back a bit late too and were in DT Picadil on a Saturday night. But we caught all of our transport right on time and it wasn't even that scary. Heavenly Father was definitely watching over us sisters. 

Discrepancy between my fat and my yellow teeth situation. I'm not fat, just not where I was before the mission. My teeth also for some reason are going way down hill (yellow at the gums and transparent towards the tips-and it's not plaque). The reason why I said I didn't care was because I'm not letting it be a distraction. I finally learned a bit of patience (yay) and am in the process of sorting it all out but realize it will take more time than I'd like it to. Minor issues (hopefully). And my ear is still weird since the MTC.

Oh and the soon-to-be missionary Shorna took us to Pizza Hut and it was well nice. She is so solid.

Sad news, Sister Allen is leaving!! I love her so much. She's only going to Stockport, so not too far. If all goes well, I'll still be here til January
Can't remember what else but I'm very grateful to here and to be called to serve! I'm trying!

Happy birthday to Jessica !!!

Sister Emi Doncheva

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Emi's Thirtieth Email! September 7, 2015


"A loving and happy family does not happen by accident. Each person in the family must do his or her part. The Lord has given responsibilities to both parents and children. The scriptures teach that we must be thoughtful, cheerful, and considerate of others. When we speak, pray, sing, or work together, we can enjoy the blessings of harmony in our families. (SeeColossians3.)"- quote from one of the manuals I like.

So we slept in an Elder's flat this week. Don't worry, not as shady as it sounds. It was after the temple and basically we were stranded after missing the last train. We were out late and were able to meet up with other missionaries and arranged for all the boys to sleep in one flat which was near and us four sisters in the other (which happened to be an elder flat). Stuff like this NEVER happens and I was kinda losing it haha, but it was definitely memorable. 

Winter swiftly approaches. It legit dropped 10 degrees once September started.

So our mission has started a new thing where we all stop at 6pm to say a prayer every night, to ask Heavenly Father to help the England Manchester mission with success. We are praying for baptisms and help to lead us to God's prepared sons and daughters so we can bring them unto Christ!  We are suppose to ask missionaries, members, friends, and family to join us! Thats your challenge.

I'm so grateful for trials and how they make us stronger. This life really is a time to prepare to meet God and sometimes I need those compelling experiences more than just normal everyday ones. They lead us to be so much happier once out of the hard times, but we can turn to Him regardless the time we are having. I love it and want to be who He will have me be and that is my best self

Top 10
1) Temple trip. Beyond amazing experience.
2) Going to Liverpool with Bishop's family on Monday! Apparently that's where the Beatles are from. Liverpool is beckoning me to serve there one day. It was so fun spending time with Bishop and his family.
3) Teaching temple classes to Shorna. One step closer for her heading on her mission! 
4) Fireside with Dolly, Sister Black, and attending with Eileen! So grateful for brother Seal for taking us.
5) Day working in Uppermill (look it up, you'll understand why I'm so stoked on that)
6) Spoke to Sister Black on the phone this week. Love her.
7) I love taking the train for travel, we don't take it often, but it's always beautiful and a nice change in atmosphere to talk to people.
8) Love the Porridge family.
9) Getting more involved in working with the young women.
10) Officially fat with yellow teeth and don't even care any more haha.

Lots of Love,

Sister Emi Doncheva

 From Caul and Paroline's wedding (like a month ago)

 Brother Seal with the creeper shot

 Sister Allen's ridiculous family tree 12 generations

happy couple

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Emi's Twenty-Ninth Email! August 31, 2015

So I'm not as passionate about it this week, but basically I was able
to liken 2 Nephi 4 (Nephi's lament) to me on a next level and also
connect it to my "diet". Nephi is a super solid prophet in the Book of
Mormon and is an amazing example of faith. Pages upon pages, we can
learn so much from him, yet these precious versus show he is still
human and how some sins so "easily beset" him time and time and again.
It is so frustrating to make these same mistakes. The same sins can
really drag us down. But do we murmur and turn away out of
frustration? If I go back to eating a tonne of unhealthy food and gain
weight AGAIN, can I just give up and indulge for the rest of my life?
Or can I recommit and try again each week striving to change bit by
bit for the better regardless of the aggravating fluctuations? Do we
utilize the atonement each week, to be made totally clean allowing us
to try time again. I really had to realize my desires are in the right
place. I want to be a good missionary and I'm trying my best to be
one. I'm trying to be healthy and want to be healthier. This is good,
but being complacent isn't an option either. It's the fine balance
between and recognizing the progress thereof. I denied ice cream for
the first time ever once this week.

People tend to feed their dogs carrots as treats here, or is that a
thing back home as well?

Ice cream trucks are also more common here with funny advertisements and signs on them.

I have loved learning and stretching and growing to feel that closer
relationship and bond to Christ and Heavenly Father. They are both
just waiting right there if we but reach out to them. I love it and I
love this church and I love this gospel.

Top 10

1) Surprise! EILEEN WAS BAPTIZED! Series of events happened that
caused it to come early but no complaints. It was a combined baptism
with a super solid man the elders have been teaching. I made Nutella
cookies and chocolate pancakes for it.

2) We spent time with one of Sister Allen's old companions and some of
the YSA in Picadil on Monday . Violet, one of the YSA, is a recent
convert and she is amazing! She's planning on coming to the states
next year for a couple of months and I'll be home to see her!

3) Reteaching the Porridge family! And helping clean their kitchen.

4) Tea at the Carrot's. We played the flour game and Brother Carrot
ended up with the flour face, one of his kids laughed so hard he fell
and hit his head.

5) The Candlewick family. They work at the temple and are so wise, I love them.

6) Those who were in town were so supportive in the ward for the baptism.

7) Gave a talk at church by request of Bishop on what Christ expects
of us from a Preach My Gospel view point.

8) Still loving Sister Allen and Oldham.

9) Cherry season out, blackberry season is in!

10) Learning how to be positive and grateful in ANY situation in life.

Shallow trolley and deep trolley for big and small shopping carts haha

Sister Emi Doncheva