Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Emi's Thirty-Third Email! September 28, 2015

We worked a lot this week but to no true avail. It's ok we'll keep trying and keep improving. Not much to update on, so I figured it was high time for another culture update.

But first a little something : "Steadfast-resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering" I need to be more consistent especially regardless of the weather.

Also, huge huge huge thank you to Heidi Hachtman for the really nice package. I hadn't realized so much had changed back home for her, but I'm DEFINITELY grateful for her and her family and the 7th ward family. SWOD. 
And thanks to everyone I got letters from this week, it's the best.

Mate- bro/homie
Pilar box- mailbox
Indian Summer- late summer
I'nt it- isn't it
Cars flash their lights a lot more often as a thank you (due to the denser roads)
Cars park on either side of the road facing either direction and halfway on curbs
Trainers- sneakers/tennis shoes
Full stop- period mark (Bishop and I had an intense conversation about this one)
Tablets- pills
Set tea- coach/sofa (don't get this one either) 
Bits- pulp
Trumped- tooted/letting one rip
For some reason laundry machines are always in the kitchen and you can typically have a washer dryer combo. 
Just to clarify, I have by no means picked up any accent nor will I haha.

Conference was already amazing, for the first time ever I was fully able to concentrate on the speakers and not zone out! Huge blessing, I really hope that is something that sticks forever, like I'm actually super grateful for that and can look forward to conference even more. I hope we can all be prepared for it and have some questions prayerfully in mind that conference will for sure answer.

We are just keeping on. I'm learning loads and Heavenly Father is really blessing me and I'm very grateful for that, even just in the small things. The power of everyone praying at 6 is kicking in and I know we will find someone who is prepared for the gospel soon. My heart is full in regards to serving in England. I love it.

Sister Emi Doncheva

P.S.- I love sister Barbaro, she's amazing, and this mission is the best, I'm going to really miss it the day it comes to an end.

Emi sent these pictures this week. Some are from the MTC and the others are a little older too. Enjoy!

 The baptism

 Throwback to the MTC, he spoke English but refused to actually speak it. I was trying to convince him.

One of my friends from the MTC in the field, by far the funniest picture I've ever seen. Notice his thug companion in the background.


 So happy!

 The beautiful Prearon temple

MTC gets to you.

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