Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Emi's Twenty-Ninth Email! August 31, 2015

So I'm not as passionate about it this week, but basically I was able
to liken 2 Nephi 4 (Nephi's lament) to me on a next level and also
connect it to my "diet". Nephi is a super solid prophet in the Book of
Mormon and is an amazing example of faith. Pages upon pages, we can
learn so much from him, yet these precious versus show he is still
human and how some sins so "easily beset" him time and time and again.
It is so frustrating to make these same mistakes. The same sins can
really drag us down. But do we murmur and turn away out of
frustration? If I go back to eating a tonne of unhealthy food and gain
weight AGAIN, can I just give up and indulge for the rest of my life?
Or can I recommit and try again each week striving to change bit by
bit for the better regardless of the aggravating fluctuations? Do we
utilize the atonement each week, to be made totally clean allowing us
to try time again. I really had to realize my desires are in the right
place. I want to be a good missionary and I'm trying my best to be
one. I'm trying to be healthy and want to be healthier. This is good,
but being complacent isn't an option either. It's the fine balance
between and recognizing the progress thereof. I denied ice cream for
the first time ever once this week.

People tend to feed their dogs carrots as treats here, or is that a
thing back home as well?

Ice cream trucks are also more common here with funny advertisements and signs on them.

I have loved learning and stretching and growing to feel that closer
relationship and bond to Christ and Heavenly Father. They are both
just waiting right there if we but reach out to them. I love it and I
love this church and I love this gospel.

Top 10

1) Surprise! EILEEN WAS BAPTIZED! Series of events happened that
caused it to come early but no complaints. It was a combined baptism
with a super solid man the elders have been teaching. I made Nutella
cookies and chocolate pancakes for it.

2) We spent time with one of Sister Allen's old companions and some of
the YSA in Picadil on Monday . Violet, one of the YSA, is a recent
convert and she is amazing! She's planning on coming to the states
next year for a couple of months and I'll be home to see her!

3) Reteaching the Porridge family! And helping clean their kitchen.

4) Tea at the Carrot's. We played the flour game and Brother Carrot
ended up with the flour face, one of his kids laughed so hard he fell
and hit his head.

5) The Candlewick family. They work at the temple and are so wise, I love them.

6) Those who were in town were so supportive in the ward for the baptism.

7) Gave a talk at church by request of Bishop on what Christ expects
of us from a Preach My Gospel view point.

8) Still loving Sister Allen and Oldham.

9) Cherry season out, blackberry season is in!

10) Learning how to be positive and grateful in ANY situation in life.

Shallow trolley and deep trolley for big and small shopping carts haha

Sister Emi Doncheva

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