Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Emi's Twenty-Eighth Email! August 24, 2015

It was another good and long yet short week.

We saw Dolly on Monday and oh what a sweet reunion it was! I love her
so much and it was so nice to see her! The same beautiful, kind,
hilarious and lovely Dolly whom has been absent from my life for far
too long! She even took us to the super posh Trafford Centre which is
a massive shopping mall that's super decked out. It's known as the
Great and Spacious building on the mission. We also got to catch up on
our ice cream shop scheme we're planning on having in Spain.
(Investors, please contact me privately). Hopefully we'll see her
again soon.

Tuesday we had a special training which helped me in the process of
getting my priorities straight. Sometimes with spiritual promptings some
need to smack us in the face.

Wednesday we had to go to Crewe ( I know Brother Kerry Hammock's
brother owns some business there) for an orthodontist appointment
which was kinda a bummer because it was so far away, but I still got
to talk to a lot of really solid people during the traveling. Also, we
got to spend time with Bishop's lovely sister who lives near there.
She is so kind and was so helpful and is hilarious! I hope we can
spend more time with her even if we don't go all the way back to

Thursday we had our weekly planning session (3 hours planning for the
next week), but before we saw this extremely kind lady who use to be
part of our church 20 years ago. She is thriving in some other church
now, but hopefully we can rekindle a realisation of the blessings
available to her only through the true restored church when we meet
with her more. She is a seamstress by hobby and from Kenya, so she
makes the most rad clothing ever!

Friday was spent with Sister Guymon, she's been my sister training
leader since the beginning of my mission and it was really nice
getting to know her more. I'm very grateful for her.
The highlight was Caul and Paroline's wedding! Hopefully
after everything cools down we can reset a baptism date, but they are
a lovely couple and taking a HUGE step in the right directon. Then we
saw the Porridge family who we will be making ice cream with for
family home evening. I love them.

Sunday is always the best. I love how much the Atonement can mean to
each of us. The sacrament is so important. Eileen, a random person we
met this week, and some members we visit came to church so that's
always good. then we had tea at the Seals'. They are beyond fab.
Brother Seal put a pic with us and other missionaries on their fridge
from the wedding which he took pictures at. We did the object lesson
game, relating something random to the gospel which is easy enough
because EVERYTHING does, but it's fun when people like Sister Allen
use a Christmas squeaky toy pig wearing a santa's hat.

Eileen is doing well, her baptism should be around the 5th or 4th. She
always shares so many profound things and her seed of faith is growing
into a lovely plant.
Sorry the pictures never match up with the week, that's my bad.

Here's a good one from PMG:
"For you to grow in the gospel and stay on the path that leads to
eternal life, you need to develop a habit of gospel study"

I guess my other quote was from someone else, thanks Amy Heap for the
help, my sources are limited in the iPad, good quote nonetheless!

Top 10
1) Dolly at the Trafford Centre
2) Caul and Paroline's wedding
3) Exchanges with STL Guymon
4) Specialised training
5) Bishop's sister helped us out all the way in Crewe for my
orthodontist appointment, then I introduced her and Sister Allen to
mock tails-delicious.
6) Family in the ward got sealed after many years of being together
and a long process to get there. Eternal families are real.
7) Finished memorizing the Thirteen Articles of Faith, good information to know.
8) I just really love the Porridge family
9) Sister Awire with another traditional African meal
10) Nephi's lament has never meant so much to me before, especially
verse 28. I'll elaborate more in allegorical next week

Sister Emi Doncheva

 Canal monster

 Wanted to see if I'd fit


 It looks like a rat, but I swear it was cute

 Checking the focal

 Recent convert Joe

 The Frumptons from London!

One of the cutest families ever! They had us for a full English breakfast before Elder Williams went home and we even had black pudding! (It was good). 

 Bishop trying on the flippers. His mom has a pair very similar, she turned 86 this week.

 Brother Jitterbug!!

Last time seeing the Lees before they went home. I love them so much and can't wait to see them again soon! They taught me so much and love everyone so much like the Savior.

 Janky photo of the YSA view

 Before she went to Whales. Elder Wolf and Sister Miller.

 Sister Allen kills me.

 in honour of Dolly! Needless to say, you don't want to know what's it in, but you wanna try it and know it's really good.

 Took us for a meal, very nice.

 Bishop's family

 I love Naomi! She's is such a solid example!

 TMNT with the Spam's son

 The rare countryside

 Alana getting her mission call!

 Yes! The FUFU!

 Sister Awire! And the massive portions!

 Dolly I love you!

 Seriously decked out. The palms are fake, don't worry I checked.

 the food court, impressive

 Dolly shared with HP one of our drinks haha (there's a Leggoland somewhere here).

 So good. Fruit mousses thing.

 Living in a flat near a canal and Texco part 2.

 the Failsworth Pole, in between two pubs, we live large

 Kansas Fried chicken with the District.

So great and spacious, luring me to buy everything! (Only Bought food)


  1. Hey sis glad to see you're still having lots of fun on your mission. Xxxx

  2. I sure love you Emi Dog! We talk and think about you a lot so don't worry you are still our top dog. Sorry Nugget:(. Keep up the awesome work you are doing. We are all so proud of you! Elder Richmond only has 12 days left in the MTC. He is so ready to be in Uruguay!!