Thursday, August 20, 2015

Emi's Twenty-Sixth Email! August 10, 2015

"What we believe, what we say, and what we do should all be the same thing. This is the definition of integrity." 
-Richard G Maynes 

I still never know what to say and I'm a horrible story teller/writer with loads of sentence fragments so... sorry. 

Uh we just always stay busy and try to do our best.

It rained some and is currently doing so now.

An old lady we met this week, Eileen, Sister Allen complimented her jacket in passing and Eileen made a snide comment in return. Sister Allen just kept being nice to her and somehow set a return appointment that same day. We've seen her pretty much everyday since and she came to church and wants to be baptized! She now views us as some of her new daughters. Very tender and such a quick turn around with the power of the gospel.
Bishop had a nice talk with us this week about our purpose beyond our missionary purpose. It was kind of confusing, but he is very wise, very wise.

I also realized there are a lot of things I'm going to commit myself to do once I'm home, but I have to start putting them into play while still here.

Oh, the whole eating healthy thing, hasn't really happened, but there is hope for a new week! After I eat my Reeses Krispy Kreme Donuts.

Top 10
1) Just doing the work and being a missionary. That is why every week flies and I can't remember anything.
2) Teaching pretty much all old ladies haha.
3) Still obsessed with the members of this ward even if it's not always reciprocal haha but that's the beauty of being a missionary in a ward. You get to observe these saints in action and just do our best to strengthen and uplift in anyway we can and hopefully add some valuable assets along the way.
4) A lot of solid lessons with investigators. One of them didn't go super well on our part and the lovely man dropped us...but, we were able to learn from it and we now have a new investigator that is going to take all the loving patience we've got.
5) Seeing Sister Black before she goes to Whales!
6) Bishop's family supplied me with a jump rope.
7) I've been reading a talk a day outside of scripture study and that has been very nice. The talks are all so amazing and you can learn so personably from each one. Read them. I especially like and relate to "Beware of Pride" by Ezra Taft Benson. 
8) One sunny warm day this week, that brings it up to five days since February!
9) Making ice cream is fun.
10) Attempting family history нот гъд in Bulgarian, not easy.

Sister Emi Doncheva

 Scandinavian Elders


 Photo taking at mission tour

 MC after mission tour with the Scans again

 Haunted house

 In action (that's me, thanks Sister Allen)

 Typical British man, not the view of typical Britain

 Holland's tree

 River Ribble? Where they raced to be baptised first

 Sister A


 3 Sisters, can you spot them all?

 More sequence shots

The Elders names so I don't forget one day. In the McDonalds photo, Elder Bennet from UT, Launer from Switzerland, and Haltersltom from Sweden. The other two from my MTC group- Elder O'Gram from New Zealand and Elder Honorio from Brasil.

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