Monday, March 21, 2016

Emi's Fifty-Ninth Email! March 21, 2016

Feel like I've been in Chester for a while now. We had a busy week.
Not best number wise but we worked. It's hard sometimes because our
load is suppose to be even in a companionship, but my pride is saying
that one of us is carrying most of it...

We had the other sisters meeting Monday so it was nice seeing friends.
It hit me how long I've been on a mission though haha. Highlight was
talking to sister Black and hanging with the senior sisters instead of
exercising. Then we had fhe at a members (same one each Monday).

Tuesday we had zone meeting. Scenic route to Rhyl. I got a package
from my Swedish district leader from a year ago from winning that bet
with the scriptures, how nice is that!?!?!? So yummy. Then we carried
on working and stuff. Working with part member less actives and really
trying to build up the area, especially in record keeping!

Wednesday we saw some less actives who got us strawberries and
chocolate! So sweet. Then we saw Bishop Holt since he works at Chester
uni!!! So nice seeing him.

Thursday we worked. We are trying to see more members and what not.
The weather was fairly nice. Hasn't really rained since I've been

Friday I felt like we worked especially hard but I think that's just
because I was a tad ill so it took a lot more to do the simple work.
Honestly, I should've stayed in bed, people probably thought I was
crazy when speaking to them half delusional.

Saturday we had a failed street display and walking around still killed me
but we found a super solid Indian man who will feed us next week with
his fam!

Sunday was church. Getting to know lots of members and setting
appointments is fun. Sleepover round 3 at the Johansens because we are
going to Conwy Castle tomorrow! Holla.

My patience still runs thin. Incompetence kills me. I know I'm not
super smart and it's very unChristlike of me but my word, people can
be so stupid! I know I need to learn how to laugh at it because it'll
be prevalent throughout life but ah. Just grinds my gears

Top 10
1) Seeing Bishop Holt
2) Sleepover at the Johansens round 3
3) Sweet Justice is dated for baptism
4) Nice weather
5) Beautiful Chester
6) Helping the area
7) Getting proposed to (actually helps with the confidence)
8) Tea at members
9) Sisters thing
10) I still heart Oldham and Hyde

So I realised I'm not going to fit many of my clothes when back
home...but I also realised I eat chocolate literally every single day.


Also, I just found out Oldham has been acknowledged as the most
deprived town in the country hahahahhahahahah. I love Oldham


 Welsh. I'm still not convinced it's a real thing

 fields for days

 race tracks

 reminds me of Del Mar!


 clock tower

 yay for shopping!

 The cathedral

 where we do street displays

 posh town hall, horrible photo taker


 made of matches


 Lady and the Tramp?


 catle ruin



 it's nice, right?


 Ocean in RHYL!

 Sweedish Chocolate!



Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Emi's Fifty-Eighth Email! March 14, 2016

Well. Chester is good. Still working. This week went by quickly. Work,
street displays. We went to Chester last Monday. So posh and so beautiful
and fun and shopping!

We made pancakes for district meeting. Wednesday we make cookies for
members at the Sr couples the Johansens. Building trust you know.

Thursday we did something uh, I think we just worked a lot and had to
reschedule weekly planning. Saw a castle ruin! Send pictures next
week. I made some real good rice. 

Saturday we went to a roadshow.
Different accents and the English humour still sometimes goes right
over me haha. 

Sunday we got to sleep over at the Johansens for the
sisters thing. Better than last time, but I can't believe how long
I've been here, crazy! Nice seeing everyone. Companions are just
friends. It's good.

I spoke to the lady, bought so much good stuff. Banitsa, Moren–ł!!
Lutanista!! So happy. We will visit her more, busted out the
Bulgarian. A bit rusty haha, trying to throw in some Spanish with it
haha. We have been working hard but we still haven't seen much fruits
but we will get there. Working on the members. Loving the senior couple
the Johansens.

Sorry we had a sisters thing today and don't get to email so that's
all I got but it's nice, weather has been improving. So happy seeing
all my missionary friends, I like having friends. Getting chastised
for not having enough faith is always an interesting time. I love Sister
Black, Schwab, Tholen, Barabro, miss them all so much!

I know how important it is to stay and hold fast to the rod and I will
keep trying my best to tell others about the fruit and help them get
there. I'm grateful for my life and my testimony. He lives!

And happy birthday Austin Richmond!!!!

 Sleep over at the Johansens!! Sr couple in our ward that go home this transfer....

Monday, March 7, 2016

Emi's Fifty-Seventh Email! March 7, 2016

I can't even believe that just a few days ago I was in my beloved
Oldham. So much has happened.

But first, shout out to all my British mums and happy Mother's Day!!
Not sure where to start. There were many heartfelt goodbyes especially
to some of my mains the Seals, Carrotts, Porriges, one of their
daughters, Saul and Paroline, Eileen, Dove, Bishop's family, Sister
Awire, Sister Rebel. So many tearssssss. Even our lil district. Just
so emotional.

Monday we went to Costco one last time with the Porriges, went to M&S,
then to Ashton to email. Had tea at the Seals, so many
tears, said bye to people.

Tuesday we had our last street display. It was ok, just too emotional.
Made those sweet elders French toast again...said bye to peeps. It's
not a former goodbye, it's just sad not being able to see them so
often anymore...

Wednesday we said a few last byes. Leah was going to drive me all the
way to Chester! But a senior couple just for us from Manchester and we
swapped, but it was so sweet of her, plus we hit up McD. Love Leah.
The sr couple took us to a car very, I ate loads..honestly the first
few days here have been a blur.

This area is massive but way more spread out in population. Oldham was
much more condense-city life. We apparently live in North
Wales-considered a whole dif country haha and apparently some rival,
whatever. It's beautiful here, but I was a bit ticked though because
it apparently snowed LOADS in Oldham and I missed it...but that's
ok..we spend a lot of time on the bus. Oh, Sister Warren went home...
There was a sister who served here 10 months and she has left pretty
much no records here and Sister Dalton has only been here one transfer
and we have no investigators, so basically we are whitewashing. I just
don't understand what you're doing here 10 months if you don't keep
track of your work. The flat here is nice, I'm still in the process of
cleaning and fixing it, but after I'll send pictures. The ward here is
massive and I'm trying hard to learn names, so many people I don't
know and places I don't know! But it's ok. Packing and unpacking are
no fun! New disrict is good, elders scared me.. Got to build
relationships with these members...

We got to go to the temple Friday night to teach a girl who's been
going to church but is really hard to get ahold of and a less active
so we lucked out there but a dance was also going on at the chapel we
tried to teach at so they were much more distracted than anticipated
but overall it was still good because it's the Temple and guess who we
saw there! Oldham youth along with Bishop and Bro Carrott! Who knew we
would be reunited so soon. I was giddy.

Saturday we had a st display in Chester. I love that city. It's beyond amazing! 
Sunday we brought lil things for the mums with notes on them saying 
"the werth' of 'maoam's is great" because of the sweets and we are
awfully clever hahah. Wow lots going on, lots to fix in this area haha, 
I know I'm needed here.

I just wanted to share a quick nightmare I had. For some reason I fell
out with my family and they refused to forgive me. Distraught, I woke
up literally in tears and at 2AM in Wales, I had an epiphany. People
always have agency if they want to hold grudges or whatever, but the
Saviour has provided a way into His open arms to be forgiven no matter
what each day. Sometime we take it for granted, but it really hit me
that night. I'm so grateful for that because the experience I felt,
even if just in a dream was horrible, imagine a life without A
Saviour. There's a Christmas vid about it. Look it up.

Top 10
1) Oldham for life
2) Saying bye to everyone....
3) Am happy in Chester...
4) Street display in Chester
5) Last street Diaplay in Oldham
6) Living in Wales!
7) Sister Tholen..and Sister Dalton
8) 24 Galaxy bars for 6£££££!!!!!
9 Mo growth/ I think Jenny Nafrada? Got me a super nice coat with A
raccoon hood, how sweet is that?!
10) Mums

I have noticed this as an opportunity to really see the growth in
myself from the time I've had in Oldham. I'm super blessed for it and
am honestly surprising myself a bit. Hopefully it's not just a phase
like being able to listen to people last conference...we'll see



 Tea List Everyday


 Planner DL made me

 Oldham Planners

 And the Back

 No Tail



 How to Catch the Bus



 Bro Porridge...can't resist





 One day's worth of clothes


 Taking a pic...

 E. Silva hahaha

 He Reflectin

 Each of Us. 9 about 9 months..


 Sweater Shrunk

 Muppet from Spring



 So Clever


 Bishop at Temple!