Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Emi's Fifty-Eighth Email! March 14, 2016

Well. Chester is good. Still working. This week went by quickly. Work,
street displays. We went to Chester last Monday. So posh and so beautiful
and fun and shopping!

We made pancakes for district meeting. Wednesday we make cookies for
members at the Sr couples the Johansens. Building trust you know.

Thursday we did something uh, I think we just worked a lot and had to
reschedule weekly planning. Saw a castle ruin! Send pictures next
week. I made some real good rice. 

Saturday we went to a roadshow.
Different accents and the English humour still sometimes goes right
over me haha. 

Sunday we got to sleep over at the Johansens for the
sisters thing. Better than last time, but I can't believe how long
I've been here, crazy! Nice seeing everyone. Companions are just
friends. It's good.

I spoke to the lady, bought so much good stuff. Banitsa, Moren–ł!!
Lutanista!! So happy. We will visit her more, busted out the
Bulgarian. A bit rusty haha, trying to throw in some Spanish with it
haha. We have been working hard but we still haven't seen much fruits
but we will get there. Working on the members. Loving the senior couple
the Johansens.

Sorry we had a sisters thing today and don't get to email so that's
all I got but it's nice, weather has been improving. So happy seeing
all my missionary friends, I like having friends. Getting chastised
for not having enough faith is always an interesting time. I love Sister
Black, Schwab, Tholen, Barabro, miss them all so much!

I know how important it is to stay and hold fast to the rod and I will
keep trying my best to tell others about the fruit and help them get
there. I'm grateful for my life and my testimony. He lives!

And happy birthday Austin Richmond!!!!

 Sleep over at the Johansens!! Sr couple in our ward that go home this transfer....

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