Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Emi's Fifty-First Email! January 25, 2016

Everything I now remember from last week:
"We can take this and use it for sacrament tomorrow" (regarding the snow
after I kept eating it)
"The angles need to put petrol in the sun, it's not working"- Sister
Ntambwe haha
At a st. Display I told an older gentleman I liked his bike and he let
me ride it! Never felt so free in my life. And then after he gave me a
hug out of nowhere haha, not good. Oh well, good times.
The office elders came to help us out and were mocking our protective
golf club and was using it-then bam- he accidentally broke our
lightbulb. Days after our other one burnt out. It's dark. Hhaha but it
made my week.

Naomi cut my hair! She did such a good job! But I've been thinking
about cutting it even more and going dark red since I'm no longer
blonde. Any suggestions?

My days, I am so tired, but in the best kind of way. Sister Tholen and
I just work really well together and Heavenly Father has just blessed
us with so many miracles in such a short amount of time. We have a lot
of high hopes for this transfer and some immediate fruits are popping
all round us, hopefully we can harvest soon!

Top 10
10) Bowling Monday
9) The work
8) Fairly mild weather this week!
7) Swalshes for tea
6) Heating is totally working in the house!!
5) Seals for tea
4) Transfer with sister Ntambwe/New transfer with sister Tholen
3) Naomi's birthday
2) Bishop's
1) Baby Ashwoth!! Beyond cute, perfection

 With the new companion! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Emi's Fiftieth Email! January 18, 2016

President doesn't like moving people so if there is anywhere worth
staying half a mission, it's here. I am getting another companion
though! Sister Tholen (sister training leader) who started her mission
here gets to come back! It'll be so good and nice not having to lead
the area anymore!

Another week gone. Getting some more things sorted in the new house,
I'll send photos soon. More work and street displays. 

Eileen is in the hospital.pray for her. 

Our house got inspected and we passed obviously. A lot of things didn't go according to planned this week
but we worked so.

Top 10
1) It snowed!!!!!! Sister N's first experience with it and we got in a snowball fight with some chavs SNOW IS WAY BETTER THAN RAIN,,,,
2) Staying in Oldham AGAIN
3) Mission council thing at the Soungs
4) Dovestones Round 4
5) Chocolate place we got to go to with Laura Sescott!!
6) Some one came to church! Possibilities

I can't really remember what happened this week and I'm a week behind
in my journal but I know that this will be a good transfer. Cold, but
good. I can't believe I've been in this country so long! I still have
tan lines, not that anyone cares, don't think they'll make it all the
way through though. I learned a lot this transfer and I can't wait to
kick some booty next transfer. Ive come to terms I probably won't get
to train. At least the days are getting longer.

I am grateful to know my Savior lives, even when my heart is hard



 hid her food

 Sister Sorbett!!!!!

 Afircan outfit

 I want it

 haha thanks Sister BLACK

 State of living pre move for a few days....

 All my suitcases, transferring will not be good

 it was pathetic

 new crib, more pics to come once we deck it out (there's nothing up there but poor insulation) 

 Big un

 Lil Iso

 We alll sang the 12 days of Christmas, they were "five golden rings" died (notice the sassy Swede-goes home  next weeek!)

 White Elephant. I lost that chocolate already...

 haha E Fapula is a boss

 the gings

 Lucky boy got my teeth!!

 Picadil at its finest

 Eve @ the Saustins. Woody owns the house (the dog)

 Eileen w

 our decor

 yay Christmas!

 my hair is brown btw


 Thanks Richmonds!

 so good!!!

 Good haul

 Gift I got the elders who stole my yummy Chinese food...tht's sugar preserved veg

 Chirstmas Day @ the SEALS (see the mirror and you'll catch them all)

Boxing Day w some of Bishop's crew!!!

 so good

 Thanks E McDoweell from South Africa

 The haul

 so many girlfts so kind!

 Naomi with the Mitch's shirt

 Bishop the wannabe photographer...

 werks it

 In every village

 Uppermill, love it

 Town centre does it right

 Picadil shopping

 Chadderton town hall


 haha, don't know why

 New years Eve at Sates!!! Uno galore 

 Even FW had its time to shine

 Us on the bus with the cleaning supplies hahahha

 Picadil shopping w the crew!

 pre falling down the stairs#

 Ilori model face in action

do you believe it?

 There is beauty all around

 Our backyard (already melted)

 View from our crib 

 out front

 rando chicken tracts!!!

 and a rando bunny

 apparently is has been living on the streets for a year!

 I'll call him Nando

 DT Shaw


 haha they would

 crazy cakes

 does it get any



 so good

 her wink face

 Emily is a fab photographer

 her kicks

 hope my kids are that cute

 frost before the strom


 Lorna's car haha

 Dinner w DOLLY

 mood lighting

 THIS WAS HILARIOUS scared him so badly

 started from the bottom now I got two chins here


 Two in the back are from Australia and New Zealand! E. Van Dyken and Turner

 The candid laughing shot

 E Ilori is too obsessed with the model shot

 shame you cant see the background


 I love springhead

 These are like Indian Cheetos, so good!