Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Emi's Fifty-First Email! January 25, 2016

Everything I now remember from last week:
"We can take this and use it for sacrament tomorrow" (regarding the snow
after I kept eating it)
"The angles need to put petrol in the sun, it's not working"- Sister
Ntambwe haha
At a st. Display I told an older gentleman I liked his bike and he let
me ride it! Never felt so free in my life. And then after he gave me a
hug out of nowhere haha, not good. Oh well, good times.
The office elders came to help us out and were mocking our protective
golf club and was using it-then bam- he accidentally broke our
lightbulb. Days after our other one burnt out. It's dark. Hhaha but it
made my week.

Naomi cut my hair! She did such a good job! But I've been thinking
about cutting it even more and going dark red since I'm no longer
blonde. Any suggestions?

My days, I am so tired, but in the best kind of way. Sister Tholen and
I just work really well together and Heavenly Father has just blessed
us with so many miracles in such a short amount of time. We have a lot
of high hopes for this transfer and some immediate fruits are popping
all round us, hopefully we can harvest soon!

Top 10
10) Bowling Monday
9) The work
8) Fairly mild weather this week!
7) Swalshes for tea
6) Heating is totally working in the house!!
5) Seals for tea
4) Transfer with sister Ntambwe/New transfer with sister Tholen
3) Naomi's birthday
2) Bishop's
1) Baby Ashwoth!! Beyond cute, perfection

 With the new companion! 

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