Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Emi's Forty-Ninth Email! January 11, 2016

Monday was a bit jipped because we went to return shoes that sister N was given for Christmas at a location that was apparently shut down, but it's ok, because Saturday totally compensated. And we has tea at sister Saylor so that definitely helped.

Tuesday we had interviews, good stuff. I didn't know President thought so highly of me, it was super nice. We discussed my goals for the year and I am pumped for them. Concrete ones like last year; I can do that.

A lot of working this week. People falling through, I realized I have rarely ever actually taught the lessons on my mission, so sad!

We saw one of my favourite people in the ward, Sister Revell. My OLC! (Old Lady Crew). She is seriously one of my best friends haha 88 on to 89. We did splits later that night with sister Secott, our apt fell through so we did some quality bonding/eating instead while our comps visited Eileen haha. Also spoke about spiritual goals. Love her.

Had some more apts fall through. Sister N spoke to someone on the bus who was lonely and wondering what she was doing that night haha, also asked if she drank. "Yes, I drink juice" she's killer, soooooo funny. Too bad he didn't know about her fiancé.. We had tea and visited some Sayalls and then had language study at Bishops! Ran into the same person for the 3rd time on the bus..

Friday we had a meeting at Chorley. Apparently our mission is always struggling so the basics and more rules are always being implemented. Usually I get a bit overwhelmed, then get back to work and forget about it because I'm too busy working to linger! But it was good seeing people and I enjoy the travel (as much as I never want to leave Oldham, day trips are ok). Then we saw more members and discussed their spiritual goals.

Oh, did I mention, I GOT THE BEST PACKAGES EVER!!!! Thank you so so so SOSOSOSOSOSO much Niki and Katie, those crisps are so good! I forgot what I was missing! And seriously like 30 good individually wrapped, so so so so nice! Thank you so much! I love you! And MaryBeth sent a second sweet package with notes from a few people! The best! And my momma sent the Mitch's gear. Bishop's fam rep it well! It was like Christmas all over again! So so good!

Saturday was fab because we had a street display and met at the chapel with a fire alarm set off then we got to the town centre and some Born Again Christians attacked us so we fled and still managed to have a great Dispaly at our meagre backup location. Our district leader got hit on by a boy and tried to send a clarification text and accidentally sent it to their investigators! Really sad/hilarious! The best best best was that sister Ulrich wanted us to really get those shoes exchanged (see Monday) and Saturday was the last day we could do so. Where was the nearest location?? No where else than beautiful Glossop? You remember that place? Home of beautiful Dolly!!! So we exchanged the shoes (with my shopping skills we got her 2 pairs) then we went to a car very with Dolly and her brother and fam who still lived in Hyde when I was serving there! One of the best nights of my life and I ate. So . Much. Food... Oh well, belts can be loosened. Seriously, major blessing and so happy to see them!

Sunday was good. I can't leave Oldham! I've been a member in this ward since being baptized longer than I have in 7th! We went to Bishop's for something for sister N and then the Carrots for tea!!!! I love them! We had some Peeps together (thanks again Niki) and I just love them and the daughter my age, we are making plans for her to visit me at BYU/SD! 

I've already used this quote before but I'll relate it more to me about how I thought I wanted to serve here there and everywhere and was a bit bitter (blatant in my emails whoops) but then to be so close to Manchester, Hyde and even Oldham's location and the time I've gotten to spend. How blessed am I!? Seriously beyond grateful Heavenly Father has provided this for me and my life as I've tried to serve Him! We are always debtors. 

What spiritual goals do you have for the year?

Top 10
1) Dolly Dolly Dolly!
2) Packges!
3) that meeting
4) OLC
5) Oldham/Hyde
6) the street Dispaly
7) interviews
8) Goals
9) Amazing people
10) Amazing experiences.

Happy birthday Caleb ya goober!
Liberty has been born!!! Congrats to the Rich family!!!

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