Monday, February 1, 2016

Emi's Fifty-Second Email! February 1, 2016

This week we have picked up so much on the work. It is such a huge
blessing for both sister Tholen and I to know the members and the area
so well. We are straight killing it. This week has absolutely flown
and we have experienced too many blessings to keep track of! Plus the
members love us so we actually have tea apts like everyday. I love
this ward soooo much. (Gonna get big this transfer haha).

So Monday we went to Costco with the boys and Leah then kinda just

Tuesday we had a st display.

Wednesday we went to the beautiful temple! Love it and the train is so fun. 

Thursday we had lessons and apts!

Friday we had more work and had fufu again and geri
at Sister Awire's!, such good African food. So. Full. Forever. Then we
had sports.

Saturday we had a st display in snow/hail/rain/sun-all
four seasons!

Sunday is always the best in this ward and President
visited again so we had a nice chat, really good.

We are just having so much fun and seeing so much success. Seriously on
cloud 9. So grateful.

My heart is full of gratitude. Tiredness and cold and sickness cannot
possibly get you down when you're so enthralled in this privileged work. I
know my Heavenly Father lives and loves me and He provided His son for
the way.

Top 10
10) Two people said I was good looking this week. One way gay, the
other married, but still. Sometimes it's the little things, plus that
never happens
9) Sports night
8) Crazy people at st displays
7) Costco round 4, got a tub of hummus that is going fast
6) Bishop's. We had Yorkshire pancakes and stew! That's right. It was nice.
5) Sister Awire's African food, it just kept coming and coming.
4) Such solid members in Oldham, wish I could serve them more.
3) Lots of good busy work!
2) Sister Sorbet puts pass along cards in library books all round town Hahahaha
1) The temple!

Love, Sister Doncheva


 With companion and bishop's kids. Stew and Pancakes.

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