Thursday, February 18, 2016

Emi's Fifty-Fourth Email! February 15, 2016

"All of our thoughts, our words, and our actions are influenced by our prayers."
"Resistance creates both the opposition and the forward movement.”

MONDAY- we went to the bakery that the people Mama met own. Can I just
say that food was super good! They were super kind and gave us all
sorts of their specialties. And of course we stopped by the IKEA since
the bakery was in Ashton. Then we went to the Baffery's for tea, really
yum. Then we saw two less actives. Super good visits.

TUESDAY was pancake day (the holiday)! Our disrict leader made some for
us! We had a meeting and went on exchanges. My person is from Denmark.
It was a sleety, cold day but we saw my fab 87 Sister Rebel and she
even went out to work with us for a bit and she gave us referrals.
Then we worked, called by, bout bedding for the exchange. Went to
Young Womens and did some work at the Secotts's new place. They are all
so funny.

WEDNESDAY we all had some good old fashion drama that went strong for
the rest of the week but I got to make some pancakes with some spare
time I ended up having. Floppers...then a member who is prepping for a
mission worked with us all day. She is going to be so solid and it
just made the day a blast. We got loads of work done and had super
solid lessons with her!

THURSDAY we dealt with some more of the drama and saw Sister Saylor
for tea. Then Sister Radwick went teaching with us.

FRIDAY we worked loads and progressed with some of our friends.

SATURDAY had a Valentine's Day street Display. "What is love" was our ?
And I just kept thinking of the Pepsi commercial and sang it to some
people. After we went to a member who had a friend learning about the
church but he only speaks Portuguese, I  have to pay real close
attention if I want it to make sense with my minimal Spanish skills,
but it's a good time plus we ate some Brazillian food. Yum. Visited
someone else after.

SUNDAY I love church. Oldham for life. Sister T and I both bore
testimonies. We got your back Bishop. Then we worked, went to a
member's for tea. Worked. Good stuff.

- Our friend from Jamaica will have to learn more before he is baptized.
- I officially finished my first journal.
- A member in the ward puts pass along cards in library books around town, cant remember if I said that last week
- We doorbell ditched some members
- Sis T is my valentine
- I commented on a less active's fanny pack. guess that one was a bad word here...

The members trust us, we love them. We are blessed. Seriously, we
cannot keep up with the work, we need another transfer together,
that's all, please pray I stay. Sister Tholen and I get along great
and I am having a blast serving with such a good friend

-Sister Doncheva

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