Monday, February 8, 2016

Emi's Fifty-Third Email! February 8, 2016

Wow, this week seriously just flew, it was super good! 

Monday we had a hold up on our plans, partially because our toilet was going to fall through the roof and for now we've had to flush by dumping buckets of water. I don't mind. Plus we got some rad pictures so it was worth it. Later that day we saw some amazing members.

Tuesday we had a street display that was really good even though it was cold and there were few people out, we found someone with great potential. We also had district meeting and we made French toast out of the eggs and bread we get every. single. week. Then we worked more and headed to Shorna's for tea. We had mystery chili and made the notorious Oreo shakes. Good times. Then we saw one of the Porridge children and her grand daughter thought the former bishop was the prophet haha. Good dayy.

Wednesday was also good. We worked a tonne in the morn with nothing much, but we found another golden person! Then we got to make fufu with Sister Awire so I know how to make it back home haha. It was super fun and yummy. Even got plantains mmmm. Then she came with us to give an Arabic BOM. They wanted to make us tea whilst we were there haha, too full with fufu babies. Then we went to just meet someone for the Relief Society activity because it was Zumba. We stayed to watch for it. Oh that was mint. Those ladies killed it. So good. Then on the way home talking to someone I accidentally said we smoked hukkah because I thought he asked if we like seafood haha. Lots of asylum seekers learning English.

Thursday was super funny. So since Sister T is a leader, she has this meeting to go to in the mission home (which I had never been to before). We were suppose to just be working in another part of Manchester but I had a word with sweet Sister Ulrich and she said we could go and work an hour then come back and help her prep lunch. The best part was that the whole day I was with Sister Schwab! So we had a nice adventure getting lost on the posh golf course and came back. It was so fun haha and the food was so good. Then I took some pictures. We helped clean. Then President caught us lounging so he had us sit in on MLC...that was interesting. I won't elaborate. After we got packages!! Jenny Nafrada got me the cutest warmest snow shoes that are perfect when it's too cold for the Hunters! And I got the stuff from Dennis, so good! Thank you thank you! Then we saw a less active with a member. Work to be done there.

Friday was also good. Of course. We mainly worked and celebrated Sister T's one year mark at the Seal's for tea! Yummy burgers. Then two of their crew went to sports with us and right when bro Seal (who fixes chapels around the uk) walked in. Elder Cossa kicked the ball and broke a massive light haha. 

Saturday was super solid! We had a street display which was super rainy but I got to try out my posh new boots. The disrict leader challenged us to get 10 people contact information so I got a bit competitive and might've scared some people but it was for the sake of pancakes on pancake day! The Elder from Portugal made the most delicious Oreo thing ever and I made a samich out of it. So flipping good yet bad. Oreos, double cream, condensed milk and gelatin... Enough said. Then we had a super solid lesson with that golden person from earlier this week and a member. So solid. Then Sister T made peanut butter bars. Then we saw the Porridges!! I missed them so much! We are setting some solid goals. Sister Porridge gave me her brand new white chucks that were too big for her. How nice is that?? So stoked. Then we ding dong ditched a member with them and bro Porridge ran with us, one of the funniest moments ever after Zumba...

Sunday our investigator came to sacrament! So good. The work here, just exploding. I love church in Oldham. Sister Awire gave us some Geri mix and bro Swalsh gave us chocolate as a thank you for sharing some of my American food, how sweet is that!? We sat in on the Young Women lesson. Love it. Oldham is just a smaller version of 7th ward but people here are a bit more blatantly silly rather than the composure we try to have haha. Love it. Then we worked more, saw the same less active. Met a kid wearing a Thrasher sweater and knew that Blink 182 was from SD! Then we ate at the Carrotts. Loveeee them. Seriously. Then Leah went with us to the fireside with Eileen. Good times. 

This week has been one of the best weeks ever. It is just so smooth doing the work here with Sister Tholen, we are always just so busy working hard, you can't help but lose yourself in the work! So so good. Plus to be honest, this winter hasn't been that bad so there you go.

I'm grateful for how much Heavenly Father has been blessing us. I feel like all that I have worked for these past few months is finally playing out. Members are really trusting us with missionary work and their lives. I am so thankful.

Top 10
10) Power lessons with amazing members
9) Toilet not through the roof
8) That Oreo stuff!
7) New converse from Sister Porridge
6 )Watching Relief Society Zumba
5) Making Fufu with Sister Awire
4) Friend came to church
3) Posh new boots
2) Packages! Thank you so much! Dennis and Jenny N!
1) Day with Sister Donschwablow at the mission home

ghetto phones at their finest. our bottom left

haapy birhtday!!


notorious GFC

pointing, not dancing...toilet throgh the roof

thug life


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