Monday, February 22, 2016

Em's Fifty-Fifth Email! February 22, 2016

I seriously need you all to pray right now and for the next week that
I stay just one more transfer. Thanks.

Monday we played sports with the zone in Rochdale. Sister T tripped
over herself and we dunked together, so needless to say it was a good
time. We have started reteaching a less active and her nonmember
husband. They fed us baked (jacket) potatoes (so many potatoes in
England...). We had a laugh and good time, but it was a fab lesson and
we have high hopes for Ellen and Hallen.

Tuesday we had a fun district meeting. They are all so funny yet
powerful. Then we had a street display. Crazies for days. After we started
our exchange with Sister BAISDEN! She helped me figure out myself a
bit more and she is a good example to me. We had a good time with our
Jamaican friend especially since she's from Trinidad haha. Then an
intoxicated person started following us a bit and singing "is it me
you're looking for?" Haha no. I just hid behind Sister B. Then we saw
Eileen with Bro Carrott. Rain came back.

Wednesday Sister B and I had to do some secret agent work and we also
bought cake for Sister Ntambwe's birthday! Fun fun. Then Sister T and
I went to an appointment with another less active non member (that's like all
we are working with and it is amazing). High hopes, high hopes. Saw
the sr Sayalls for tea. Then we had splits with Sister Faffery, good
times. Splits are fun. Sister Faffery kinda makes me nervous because I
greatly admire her and get really nervous...

Thursday we worked. Saw Saul and Paroline (part member less active).
Progress. Then we had tea at the Sunday school teacher. She is a solid
ex. Her kid is hilarious. Star Wars for life. Then they gave us a lift
to see our neighbour less active, Quail.

Funny Friday. Worked. Saw the Sates. Taught our Muslim friend...then
the Porridges! Seriously love them. So we talked about the Sabbath and
their 5 yr old boy's reaction is exactly like ours. "No, I don't want
to give this up, but God wants us to so ok fine, but that's rubbish"
essentially is what happened haha. Then at sports I scared Elder Mont so
badly he fell backwards and I didn't even touch him.

Saturday we had a street display and it was good. Rainy but good. Then the
elders taught our Jamaican with us and he listened a lot more to
males, especially Elder Illori saying "amen" and "brodah" all the time
being big and black haha.

Sunday is the greatest. The Porridges came. Two member cousins of the
Sayall fam were baptised. So precious. Then went to SaƱos for tea and
saw Ellen and Hallen again.

Sorry these emails are kinda rubbish but I'm learning. I've figured
that I haven't changed as much as I'd like or wanted on my mission,
but I've learned a lot more about who I am and who I can be. It's
annoying sometimes, but also a blessing. But in the moment more just
self aggravation. I just want to make the most out of the time left
here and not have regrets. Regrets are the worst. Less drama so
compactly this week but we had more for sure. Oh well.
Either way I know our Father lives and in the end just giving our best
is all that is requisite.

Top 10
1) Oldham
2) Exchanges with Sister Baisden
3) Part member less active fams
4) Cadbury Oreo chocolate
5) Cute lil baptism
6) Splits
7) Tea at members
8) Recommitting not to deal with gossip anymore
9) Sister Tholen. She is such a good friend and could get on with anyone.
10) Sports.

P.S.- Oh and our toilet is officially fixed. Holla

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