Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Emi's Fifty-Sixth Email! February 29, 2016

I am going to Chester. I am excited for my new companion (Sister
Tholen's trainee from UT, Sister Dalton) and the area sounds beautiful
but I have just been an absolute mess these past few days. I love
Oldham so much. These people are amazing and it was like leaving home
all over again. I've officially been here as a member more than in any
other ward. I haven't cried this much in a long time. I have a lot of
peace in my heart and comfort for change. I just will miss these
people so badly.

It was a good week. Monday we went to Piccadilly. I love Manchester.
Then we went to the people Mama met in SD and they had us for a lovely
meal. And Quail saved the day and gave us a lift.
Tuesday we had district meeting and a street display and Sister some
work as we do. We worked a lot this week. Saw more amazing members.
Went to a super powerful ARP. Dealt with some drama. Haha, one day we
had 3 tea apts...I'm getting good at hiding food in Tupperware...we
helped the Sescotts with the new place. We went to the temple with the
Porriges one morning! It was a perfect end to my 9 months with them.
They are working on going back in in the next few months. After we
went to Pizza Hut with them. Had sports night. Saturday a street Dispaly
with Prophet Swalsh. He did amazing! Seriously. Then we went to a
baptism in Ashton. Maomi is so sweet! Sunday Elder Montierth and I
bore testimony. I was a right mess! Looked daft. I just love these
people so much. They are such good people. I haven't really stopped
crying. And Sister Tholen and I got to be such good friends. It's
hard. It'll be ok but I just love Oldham..we had tea at Bishops, said
bye to his nefew's fam, the Swilds (bro Carrott accompanied) and it
was powerful.

Yeah I've probably lost 5lbs in tears but it's ok. It's ok. It's ok.

Top 10
1) 9 months on Oldham
2) Temple with Porriges
3) Maomi's baptism
4) Sister Tholen
5) The ARP
6) Three tea apts in one day
7) Got a package with a muppet head in it from Spring...
8) Sweet little Elder Atkinson made us custom planners, I'll add pictures
9) Chocolate and Sister Baisden's curry. Got me through
10) 9 months in Oldham

I am so grateful for how my testimony has strengthened these past few
months here. I know this is what Heavenly Father has granted me for my
benefit. I love the gospel and know it's true. I only desire to serve
Him and His children better. He has blessed me immensely and I will
forever be grateful. I know God lives and loves each of us.
I've learned a lot about myself here and who I can become as a daughter of God

And happy birthday Ray bae bay Richmond

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