Thursday, August 20, 2015

Emi's Twenty-Seventh Email! August 17, 2015

Pray like everything depends on God then work like everything depends on you. -Elder Jono Diperi

This week some things were overwhelming me AGAIN. But it just comes down to why am I here? To serve. It's that simple. Serve. And I'm doing the best I can to improve each day.

Eileen is doing well. She is allowing the gospel to shape her so beautifully.

One of the referrals Sister Warren and I found in Hyde was apparently baptized last week! She lives in a place connected to a pub so Sister Warren thought maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to knock, but we did it anyway and she was just as prepared as Peace! 
If Peace is reading this, know that we think and pray for you often! We need to meet in Picadil ASAP.

So no surprise, but these last two weeks was a big relapse on the whole eating healthy thing, but you know we've got a new week up ahead. Very big eye-opener when my Mitch's shirt was too tight. That has never happened before. Ever.

Every week I come to learn and realize more how lucky and grateful I am to know this church is true and the amazing opportunities we have each day to testify of things constantly. It is the way we can be with those we love forever and know complete joy.

1) Surprise interview with President. He helped me so, so, so much and I am very grateful.
2) Eileen is dated for baptism! She is so prepared!
3) I started my new personal study regime a while ago and I don't think I've accurately rallied how much I've learned to love the scriptures, and any other form where we can receive teachings from Heavenly Father. For now it's about 20 minutes on the Book of Mormon, 10 on Preach my Gospel and whatever is left on Doctrine and Covenants. Still learning how to love that one, but I can now honestly claim that the Book of Mormon is my favourite book ever and I look forward to a lifetime of re-reading and studying its contents.
4) Sister Awire fed us some traditional Ghana fufu. It was like a huge potato foetus with the soup you dip it in. We even ate it in the traditional "eat with your clean right hand" style. She loaded the soup on heavy for Sister Allen and said I did well for my first time (eating about 2/3 of the massive portion).
5) One of the members in this ward, Laurna, got her mission call to Leeds (right next door)! She is going to see so many blessings for it and we are so excited for her! She is already a fantastic missionary.
6) Random man we met came to church, that's always nice.
7) One of the ladies we're teaching asked if I use a tanning bed. Sometimes it's the small things that keep you going.
8) Thank you to whoever ordered me Chex Mix from an American food store in London!
9) I recently realized, that if you take the initials of all my companions so far, you can spell SWAB. Youve got to love acronyms.
10) Made Sister A. some massive western soup.

Happy birthday Liz Havrid!!!!

Sister Emi Doncheva

 Natural adventurist

 Almost stepped on the beast


 Adventurer at her finest

 Look at it the right way, it's called Indian's Head

 So beautiful, some of the moments we can cherish


 Dennis, this part looked more like the swamps, if you walk a bit further, from Lord of the Rings it was exhilarating

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