Monday, September 21, 2015

Emi's Thirty-First Email! September 14, 2015

This week was such a blur. A lot of it had to deal with Sister Allen and a circular hard lump that was on her stomach. It had been there for over a year and only recently did it start hurting, so only until recently (this week) did she do something about it. I expressed how much earlier I would have made something like that known to a Dr. But it's all in the past now anyway I suppose. So we hustled and bustled about trying to sort everything with our health insurance, our appointments and her pain. Basically, if we didn't have appointment we stayed in. I was going bonkos and decided I wouldn't want to stay in England as a missionary without our clear cut purpose. We were still able to utilise the time, but it was weird. At least we got to go to our fancy private hospital and get free hot chocolate. Also I forced her to go to Bishop's one night so we spent time with his family and we made a massive batch of ice cream.

We also got to go to a baptism in Chorley (where the temple and MTC are) after our street display in Rochdale, so that was nice. It rained during the street display, but the Ashton Stake President saw us and bought us all Subway! We also got to say bye to an Elder returning home to Brasil this week. Oh and over dinner one elder bought a whole chicken and a huge slab of pork, it was hilarious. The baptism was another adventure because normally we take the train, but apparently it's not running on weekends so we took a coach, and therefore were late. It also meant we headed back a bit late too and were in DT Picadil on a Saturday night. But we caught all of our transport right on time and it wasn't even that scary. Heavenly Father was definitely watching over us sisters. 

Discrepancy between my fat and my yellow teeth situation. I'm not fat, just not where I was before the mission. My teeth also for some reason are going way down hill (yellow at the gums and transparent towards the tips-and it's not plaque). The reason why I said I didn't care was because I'm not letting it be a distraction. I finally learned a bit of patience (yay) and am in the process of sorting it all out but realize it will take more time than I'd like it to. Minor issues (hopefully). And my ear is still weird since the MTC.

Oh and the soon-to-be missionary Shorna took us to Pizza Hut and it was well nice. She is so solid.

Sad news, Sister Allen is leaving!! I love her so much. She's only going to Stockport, so not too far. If all goes well, I'll still be here til January
Can't remember what else but I'm very grateful to here and to be called to serve! I'm trying!

Happy birthday to Jessica !!!

Sister Emi Doncheva

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