Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Emi's Thirty-Fourth Email! October 5, 2015

Yeah sorry, here's just another culture update:

~ There seems to be a lack of bathrooms in buildings. A three or four bedroom home may only have one bathroom. Even public ones, very scarce.
~ Also a lack of water fountains anywhere, not that we drink tap anyway.
~ Lots and lots of different ethnicities. Especially Muslim, Romanian and Czech communities.
~ Dog fouling-dog dropping 
~ Armani and Michael Kors are a-must here. They even supply it at Costco haha.
~ People are constantly getting their cars washed, which I don't understand if it rains so often anyway.
~ Same thing with window cleaners
~ Pot noodle = cup noodle
~ Drew one-a-piece = tied one-to-one
~ Yankee....
~ Stripes on ties go to the left, not right (in point of view from the viewer)
~ Sorted = all good

A quote from Sister Allen: "Is returning with honour even a thing for sisters?" Haha yes (in my opinion at least).
Quote from Sister Barbaro after some men in front of a pub scared me: "Heavenly Father knows, they will be punished" her kettle was definitely whistling, she was not pleased at all haha.

I am so so grateful for this Gospel. It just makes you love everything and everyone. I may miss my friends and family sometimes but even though I haven't/ won't see them all in a while, my ability to love them all has increased tenfold. Everyone back home, you are so amazing and I am so grateful for you and love you.

Top 10
1) General Conference
2) Moses Creek with the Porridges
3) Lynn. Finally a solid new investigator-friend
4) Indian summer, it's been beautiful!! (Testing if you remember it from last week)
5) Exchanges with Sister Warren
6) Seals having us for conference
7) Zone meeting!
8) Ward mission leader and his family
9) New district. I'm the only American, that never happens.
10) Change of desires put in action/Learning. Especially patience- the hard way seems to be the only way on this one. I'll be what He wants me to be.

Sister Emi Doncheva

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