Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Emi's First Email!!! February 18th, 2015

Thanks everyone for all the help and support, can't believe I'm actually here you know? Haha, not even sure what to write, but..

So on the way here, we met up with a ton of missionaries going to either Leeds or Manchester. Met Sister Bril going to the same mission, she's awesome, I hope we end up as companions. We took this jumbo tron plane here, double decker and everything. It was so fancy and really empty so I got to lay across some seats and sleep.

Jet lag is a real thing. I planned everything out perfectly to try and get used to the time zone difference, but it did not work. Now I have a nice reputation for falling asleep all the time which wouldn't be too bad but my companion and I were made Sister Leader people so it does not look so good. Not sure why they did that, we're the youngest here and you know me...

So we're going to the Walmart of England (forgot what they call it) so that'll be fun, gonna get some bedding. Does anyone know anything about the USAA debit card? 

We went to the temple here, it was awesome. Also, does anyone know of a cheap earring that won't infect my ear? Sorry this is gross, but I think the inside of my ear had a pimple. At first I didn't know what happened and thought I'd have to go Picasso and cut that bad boy off.

Our district (people we study with) is awesome. My companion is from Idaho. The Elders are from: Belgium ( a 4'6 Filipino), a Ugandan, kid Ben Walter who went to BYU in the summer and would've been in my ward if he had stayed for the fall, Tonga, Italy, and South Africa. They are so funny. The one from South Africa (Barendse) always says I'm gangster for the most random things (glad he can recognize a Sister Thug when he meets one though). Like I brought my gold Micheal Kors watch and he's like "Sister, are you gangsta, only gangsta gurls wear gold where I'm from," or "You like to wear converse? That's gangster sista." (He has some sort of accent) So at first I didn't think half of them spoke English, but they all do haha... The one from Tonga is HUGE and plays rugby, but has the squeakiest voice and says the funniest random things.

I'll share one thing that shows our district perfectly:
We were sharing what our favourite TV shows are. Elder Tuvai (from Tonga) was "Tom and Jerry." Elder Allen, he has a TOTAL Urkle voice it's awesome, (not making this up) "My Little Pony." Elder Barendse "Jersey Shore." Elder Walter "The Office." My companion Sister Schwab (really fun to say out loud) "Chuck." I said maybe "friends" (forgot about Avatar the Last Airbender and other stuff), but some of the Elders said I had been reminding them of Jennifer Aniston and I just lost it, THAT IS THE BEST COMPLIMENT EVERRRR! Ah I'll remember that forever.

So the MTC president here, his name is Preston and we're in Preston England hahah, and he used to be the mission president of my mission only a few months ago so it's been awesome getting to know him.

Also, fun thing Sister Larson (I forgot her first name, is friends with Hunter Renfro from back home).

Sorry, I have no idea how long this is, let me just fill you in on some fun lingo so far. 
"Sweet" -candy, "fizzy or still "-sparkling or flat water, "clever you," "love," "trousers" -pants, "How are you keeping" -how are you, "What are you playing at" -what are you doing, "Tidey" -clean, "bin-man" -trash man, "carry on" -keep going, breakfast, lunch and "tea" not dinner. "Housemate" -roommate, "adverts" -ads/advertisements. Crap is a bad word.

Let me try to upload those pics. Am I suppose to do a top ten? That'll probably help me stay positive.

10. Christie's help in setting this up
9. Support to have ended up here
8. Traveled Safely
7. Jessica's continual friendship
6. It was sunny a little bit
5. Not strangling my companion
4. President Preston
3. To feel so happy while here
2. Our District

1. To be a missionary

These are Emi's pictures from the week. 
They aren't in order. 
All of the captions are exactly how she wrote them...
 and I just pasted them here for you all to see! 

Don't mind my thunder thigh arm. This is our zone.

Elder Tuvai "eating" my chapstick 

Elder Tuvai's hand...don't mind the snow reflecting off my hand

 Elder Allen on left Elder Barendse on right night

 Elder Tualla and Sister Schwab

RTC so bad



 These aren't in order

 Solo shot, happy? (I told Emi she had to take some pics of just her)

 Elder Clinger, Sister Larson, and Elder Walter


 Cool carpet

 Sister Brill

The inside

 Landing in England

 The menu

 Tastes like Diet Sprite



 Not bathrooms


 Thought that we couldn't go in. It's on every door

 Whattup Megan Bertha!

Only saw the part the said "What e'r" thought it was sassy. 
Still don't know what it actually is.




 Matching pants

 Our District

 Sorry, can't help it

 Sunny day, view from our district room

(I love how happy Emi sounds!!)


 Tuvai always giving lessons

 "Exersize" volleyball. How do you spell that

Sis Losha from France and Sister Zhu from China. 
She's also the only member in her family.

 He's pretty into himself

 Don't mind the double chin

 Elder Bwire

 Don't mind the belly either

In action: doing nothing

Tuvai pondering the gospel

You'd think I was pregnant

 Temple Walk


 England air does nice for my hair

Some missionaries

Going to Greece and Germany wow

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