Thursday, February 26, 2015

Emi's Second Email! February 24th, 2015

So we're leaving the MTC today, so I won't be able to actually email till next Monday. Sorry and thank you if you've written me. Hopefully my typing skills will allow enough to cover this week. Sorry, I'll send the pics later. 

It's been so awesome here. It's crazy how close you can get to 100 strangers in the course of two weeks.

Mama can you send me some Mitch's stickers and a new head bristle for my toothbrush??? 

So there's an Elder here, Tiegl, who's gnarly. He's from Germany and he left the church for a few years (he is 25) and now owns a couple of businesses. (I'll show pics later) But he's a huge teddy bear. He's super into fashion and was telling me people will steal my beautiful watch, so maybe I need to downgrade.

So no one told me "The District" training video was filmed in San Diego! The beach looked so beautiful. I was showing someone La Jolla on google and started tearing up. The most beautiful place in the world. 

Does anyone know what the Roman numeral for 50 is. Not that I care for football, but Superbowl 50 just seems like it won't have as long of a title as the past few years and it's been killing me.

So we went into Manchester DT last week to practice and we did exchanges. I was with Sister Longin (pronounced Losha) she was in the exercise pic and it was probably the most fun I've ever had in my life. So many more people are willing to hear about the gospel than you would expect. Some people even approached us!

Haha so one of our teachers is a total babe (I'll have pics later). She's from Germany and all the guys had crushes on her. One of the guys in our district said she was spicy and then Elder Tuivai was like, but Sister Doncheva is sweet. The next day they said the teacher was "so sweeet" and then the same elder was like Sister Doncheva is sugar. It was hilarious.

Also, one of the elders I thought I was friends w/ tried to steal my scarf and lie about it. That's the condensed version, but it was super lame.

Anyway top ten for now.

Top Ten
10. La Jolla
9. San Diego.
8. Being so comfortable here
7. To have be....

ran out of time, sorry

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