Monday, March 2, 2015

Emi's Third Email! March 2nd, 2015

Wow, I feel like there is sooo much to say. My WPM (Words per minute) needs to step up for sure. So I'm in the real world! The MTC was amazing. I never thought I was capable of making friends with 100 people in the course of just a few days but we were all totally one big happy family. So this might jump all over the place, bare with me.

First, I heard Niagara Falls froze over, is that even possible?!?!?! Please someone send pics or something. 

They have pear juice here, why didn't we think of that? Everyone loves JUICY pears so why don't we just get that good part and juice it up? Reminds me of Katie and mine (what's the grammer on that one/how do you spell grammar??) "juice cleanse" time to come clean. Katie- I ate a chipotle burrito and Lil Caesars like first day of our cleanse. Those cleanses can't be good for you anyway. Sorry. 

The Chocolate here is soooooo good. I'm loading up a suitcase just for that.

Oh one funny thing at the MTC, I was known as the seamstress and fixed little nicks in like 10 of the elder's suits and even a sister's dress haha. For Brandon and my mom this is probably more humorous bc I'm really not that good at sewing and tried to explain that but they were looking more for durability anyway haha.

So for packages, not that I need any, but mark them as gift and valued under $40/60 pounds bc otherwise I have to pay more than it's worth just to receive it. Amazon UK might also be a really easy alternative to send stuff directly to me. 

So our national anthem, the Brits took the tune of it for their "God Save the Queen/King." How funny is that? I actually have a few more thoughts on that, but don't want to come off as offensive.

Brandon Richmond, did you get your call?!?! Are you coming to England?!?! Also, thanks for the leather gloves you gave me for the scoot. They're a little big so it's PERFECT when I put on my warm fuzzies underneath. Actually, I still freeze very quickly, but it definitely helps!! Also, thank you Kari Rich for the nice card! Tell Cali she decorated it perfectly!!

Ok, so when we were all getting matched with our companion, I swear I was on that same spiritual high I was on right after my baptism. It was amazing.  My companion's name is Sister Emily Black. She is CRAZY but in all the good ways. She will help me push to the next level and has really been so kind and helpful. The first day though, I thought going on a run for 30 mins would be fine and dandy, but getting up to run in the cold, minutes after waking up... 6:30 wake up, 6:32 we were out the door. I thought I was going to yack. But we haven't run since.

I love it here. It's hard, but I just feel in such a natural state. You would think referring to people by Sister Surname would be weird and being referred to as such would be too, but it just feels natural, no better way to describe it. Also, don't ever let me move here. I'm glad to be here for sure, even though a year and a half feels like a while, but I CAN'T come back!!! If I want to, seriously take me to a mental asylum. I get cold so easily even with so many layers and in the winter it gets dark at 3... now it's 6, but i'll be here next year!!! So thanks Ma for moving away from Bulgaria, that couldn't have been easy. 

This is so long, but one thing. I know that I can accomplish anything that we're doing here because we're meant to be here! I don't need the strength to accomplish everything because Heavenly Father and Christ are here to help me achieve the rest and that is just so comforting. This is going to be hard. But I know I can do it. One day at a time.

The rumors are true. No hot Cheetos con limon. Not very many chips/"crisps" as you would hope for.

I think this is enough for now. But one thing I wanted to make clear, I LOVE Sister Schwab. That other email I was just commenting on how my patience surprised me even though I was matched with the best person ever!! Also, we're in a place near DT Manchester called Hyde, first thing my companion said is that we're in the ghetto. It's a nice ghetto though, I could work on my street cred anyway. It's actually not ghetto at all though even with my La Jolla standards.

Top Ten

10) Jessica emailing me throughout her whole mission
9) Sister Black
8) Our Dope Flat (apartment with a view!)
7) Not freaking out
6) There are colder places in the world, and I am not there!
5) The MTC and that whole experience.
4) Being out in the field
3) All the support back home
2) ££ They have pound signs with the $ on the keyboard hahaha
1) Sister Schwab/best friend forever!

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