Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Emi's Fourth Email! March 9th, 2015

I really never know where to begin. So back home I had a "rule of 5". Meet someone 5 times or go somewhere 5 times, then I'll have it down. But that doesn't really work well here, so basically I'm lost and confused all the time. We went on exchanges and I was with Sister Niatau (pronounced similar to Night owl) and she's great. So last week I was tired ALL the time. They say the first two weeks are the most difficult, but I think we're fine and dandy now. So in the winter I heard it gets dark at 3... how depressing, that's primetime beach-hour in the Summer. Oh well, the tan line is fading fast anyway.

So does anyone know how reliable Timex is? I need a different watch and I'd rather learn how to tell time by looking at the sun (if it makes a guest appearance- we take vitamin D supplements...) than getting a watch that isn't accurate.

I got an idea for feet staying warm. You wear a pair of nice warm shoes and then get a pair of shoes that will fit over those! I've got you beat England! Gotta figure something out for the hands though because it's too hard to be dexterous with that kind of approach.

Does anyone have good and easy fried rice recipes? If I wanna be a good mom one day, this is the place to learn how to cook. So lay it on me if you have any suggestions!

They have a cookie here called "Digestives." They're real cheap (not a laxative, don't worry) and delicious as an Oreo substitute.

Kids here all wear uniforms. It's really funny. All going off to Hogwarts. A lot of people have rando piercings too. Imagine Jack Circuit with an earring- that's typical here. Also, the roads here are tiny. A nice lil scoot-scoot like the one I had at home would be very efficient but most people (including us) use public transportation so the streets are always very cramped. 

The gift of tongues is real. I have no idea what people are saying half the time and the accents vary too greatly. Pray for me.


So our ward is AMAZING. They're kinda quirky, so fun, and strong in faith. A lot of the strong members are converts so obviously I really respect that. My kind of people. Our bishop (Holt), he is really amazing and goes the extra mile for all the missionaries. You can tell how much he cares for the work and for the ward. He also does something with writing the prophet pamphlets? Not sure. Haha, the ward mission leader said I had "the most worldly bag" that he's ever seen, he doesn't even know what Kate Spade is (a lot of people here don't so we're chill), but it'll last the whole mission so "wha'er". Also a man does profology- the study of handwriting. It is so fascinating-possible career???

There was a crazy guy on the bus who was all kinds of up in our grill, that was funny. 

One day I was commenting on how I look like a grandma not wearing makeup all the time and Sister Black was like "at least you have an alright natural face" haha,  I'll take it as a compliment- she meant well.

Also, does anyone have less of a businessman approach to talking to people, we're not super successful YET.

CONGRATS TO ALL THE 2015 7th warders:
Connor, Holden and Arik to BYU!!! Lauren committed to the U of U to run, and Ladd and Robbie are going to BYU Hawaii!! SO GNAR!!!!

Top Ten

10) Lined tights
9) The candy
8) Studying
7) Trying to talk to people (could also be bottom 10 haha)
6) Letters, emails, and packages
5) Sister Black
4) Safety
3) Meals
2) Bishop Holt
1) Hyde Ward

$15 twinkies, had to explain

Senior missionaries, the Lees, so funny

 District meeting

 Can't take pics

 20 is plenty- so funny

 Told her to take a candid

 Not so candid

 Kinda just like being home

 Nice family randomly fed us delicious Indian food

 Sister Naitau

 Chuck Norris R.I.P.

YW fed the missionaries w/ Bishop Holt

 1st chippie

 Bishop's office

 A baptism (not ours)

 Louis Thomson

 Followed us the whole neighborhood

 "Redemption Eggs" I really farmed it the first attempt


Why has no one told me how easily I blush

Bishop's daughter on da bus

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