Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Emi's Seventh Email! March 30th, 2015

The weeks seriously go by so quickly, but sometimes the days feel sooooo long. But that's kinda how life always is I guess! Ah I can't believe Jess is heading back and I won't get to see her. Happy days for the 7th ward though!! 

We had a skills workshop last week with a lot of other missionaries- so fun! Just like the MTC days, meaning it was the best! At the workshop I finally got to pick up my mail (meaning don't bother with express shipping, because I'll never get it faster) and oh my goodness. Jenny Nafrada hooked it up! She got me sooo many nice things perfect for this weather! Thank you thank you thank you! The Elder who works in the office said "that was the most packages I've ever seen anyone get" just from Jenny, I was sooooo so happy. I love her. The rest of the week was good. Still just pushing through.

I'm grateful to be able to trust and rely on this church even when people shut us down so much everyday. Every aspect just makes sense, all you do is have to find out more and more for yourself and more and more I know it's truthfulness! You get out what you put in. The church is true and it is the best!!

Top Ten

10. Found a pound on the road
9. Finding at the park
8. Cadbury chocolate is not just those Easter eggs. Check out their site!
7. Conference coming up!!
6. Pretty clouds, refreshing from the gross ones
5. Missing every bus by 10 seconds
4. Dinner (tea) at Bishop's
3. Skills Workshop
2. My sweet (sun)glasses
1. Jenny Nafrada

 Workshop. Don't worry, people already asked if I do kong fu

 Bulgarian Sista

 THANK YOU Jenny Nafrada!!!!!!

 Fried rice for days. 
Thanks Bryan Ward

 Don't know how or why this is in the canal. 
Been there for a solid week

 A brother in our ward...

 Service for Patty

 It's a long story...

 Wait for it

That's right. Take it in.

 Needless to say, we won

 Fancy Friday brought to England

 Oreos... in Bishop's office

 Her puppy!!

 The Lees are the best ever!!!!!

Better believe it

 The booths, not so common as you'd think

So good

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