Monday, March 23, 2015

Emi's Sixth Email! March 23rd, 2015

This week went by so quickly! Felt like we were in here writing emails just yesterday.
So even though it felt like this week flew by, not much has happened-yet. That makes things feel kinda difficult sometimes, but nobody said this was easy!

Fun Fact: There's some rule or law here that doesn't allow new homes to be built out of anything but brick to match the rest of the country. So even new houses= brick.

So we're starting to run on a more consistent basis, which is good. However, we run up a hill. It feels like Fat Camp with Brandon (Richmond) all over again, but Brandon would never leave me behind. Thanks Sister Black. Only joking, it's probably torture for her to wait for me, she has a track scholarship waiting for her back home.

I was thinking, Christie would be such a good missionary. All this talking to people who don't want to talk to us. I'm sure she could just go on from one person to the next without any issue.

I think I'm getting more accustomed to the different British dialects, definitely find some people more understandable than others.

There was a Stake roadshow this weekend. Sister Black helped write the script and it was actually pretty clever, but when it came to the actual day, I wouldn't say our ward was 100% prepared...It was a one-of-a-kind show. They won the "Never say die" award. Our Bishop handled the situation very admirably though. I really look up to him. He reminds me of Ray and if you know how much I look up to Ray, that says a lot.

It snowed in San Diego again!? So gnarly, does anyone have pics?

It's a good week, we worked hard.

HAPPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER PETER 21!!!! utz-ah-utaz -ah (rave music).

Does anyone have cooking recipes?

I'm grateful for the Lord for helping us pick up the rest after we continue to do our best. (Or whatever the saying is). Because it is so true! There is only so much we can be doing, and we're doing it regardless of the outcomes! The Atonement becomes not only so true for you, but seeing so many people, you know how it applies to them and how it could help them make their lives so much better! The things all just add up so well in this church and I'm so grateful for it!

Because He Lives video comes out soon!!! Show it to everyone!!

Top Ten
10- "Magic" for saying something is wonderful?
9- It really hasn't rained much since being here, even if I'm being dramatic about the weather
8- We working
7- Meals at member's homes
6- Roadshow (it was overall all hilarious performances)
5- The Elder couple Lees (got us some yummy shakes from Sweet)
4- Cashmere, wool, and furs. Sorry P.E.T.A. but so warm
3- Imagining Caleb DeSpain speaking Japanese haha
2- They have meerkat lawn decorations everywhere- so cute. "Meerkat Manor" for life

1- Bishop Holt (he uses the word "Fab" as in Fabulous consistently hahaha)

Starting to rub off on her- most of that food is gone already

P-day "hike" w/ a Staly Bridge backdrop


Gravestone pathway? 
Kinda eerie

R.I.P. Willard

Somebody had to move him

Gotta take advantage of Sister Black's Dr. appointments. 
Quote from the doc, "Well that's a first."

Stairway to truth

Authentic Gabbit Farms meal... in Bishop's office

Posting up

Waiting for dropped appointments everyday

Juan, a recent convert, he's amazing. 
We speak broken Spanish to one another.

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