Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sending off Emi - February 11th, 2015

Emi left today for her mission! Her wonderful mom and brother brought her to the airport to send her off, and the 7th ward seminary kids showed up at 5 am to say their goodbyes and show their support!

We all love Sister Doncheva!

This blog will be where her weekly emails are posted, along with her pictures! Get ready to see the fun adventures and opportunities Emi has for the next year and a half.

A picture of Emi after she gave her farewell talk on Sunday

Daniel and I said bye to her yesterday right before she was set apart as a missionary! 

Emi Saying bye to some close friends from church at Mr. Frosty's  

Emi's Brother and mom sending her off this morning at the airport!  

 A huge group of the 7th ward seminary students went to the airport to say their goodbyes.

The girls! 

Part of the Ward family saying bye to Emi

Emi and Gavin Heap  

Emi was on the same flight with a friend from San Diego, Julia Curry

Saying bye to Alicia 

Emi got to meet two other sisters in Salt Lake who are also flying out to her mission! 
They are all currently on a flight headed to England! 

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