Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Emi's Ninth Email! April 13th, 2015

Hmm where to begin. These Mondays just come by too quickly, can't keep up. It was a very good week. I finally feel like a missionary doing balanced missionary work. Peace is progressing perfectly and is so so ready. She went to a fireside for recent converts with us and blatantly said how she wants to go on a mission! I tear up at all the perfect things she says, it's unreal!  And a family came to church as well! So the week prior we were talking to someone who was semi frustrating and I was wearing my glasses. They were literally fogging because I was "getting heated" that saying makes total sense haha.

Got letters from the Taylor Hall girls, so sweet. Good luck to those still at BYU. And happy birthday almost to Spring Beautiful Cullen. Love you!

So to better show how wonderful this week was, I have an analogy that articulates the process better as to how we got here: So we live (actually we're moving today, but bear with me) on the top of a flight of four stairs. Some days it takes forever to climb them, some days, it feels like they aren't even there. It all depends on us. On days when we are tired, lazy, or don't feel like it, we dread the stairs and tread up them. Sometimes we legit trip on them and fall. Should we stay down there and give up? I think not! We try to laugh at ourselves and get up or help one another get up. At night it is dark (obvi), but sometimes we don't bother with turning on the light switch. Why suffer more, just because we don't reach out even when we realize there is help? Or use the hand rails right when they are within our grasp? Don't focus on each step, enjoy them! Don't resent the work, see the ways it benefits you and others (getting in shape for this specific instance). Family and friends. I have been battling those stairs since day one and now I am going to miss them! I won't let that happen with my mission. Come home, just to regret the ways climbing those stairs could help these people in England. Reaching out to the handrails and getting back up (the Atonement) is something that I NEED everyday otherwise I would come home the same weak and resentful person, unable to overcome those trials in life. I've forgotten the rest of my points, but hopefully you get the picture-sorry if you don't. Basically we haven't had any success and Peace is the end result of what seemed like endless and unproductive work.

I know this church to be true for so many reasons. But seeing the reasons why for others was so uplifting at the fireside. Their pure testimonies. I tried justifying myself for how I acted because I'm a convert. For shame! These people have gone through so much more than me and are so strong. It shows how we can all change, but need to work for it. The Atonement is real. We all need it in our lives regardless of who or where we are in life. I love Christ and getting to know Him and our Heavenly Father more and more. We can all do so. "I love this church" is an understatement but nonetheless factual. It is the true church, find out for yourself and remind yourself why. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Top Ten

10. We stumbled upon Sean Kimball's "Mormon Message" hah
9. Service- such a treat
8. RIP Stalybridge flat
7. New District
6. Kari and my momma sent packages! Thank you!
5. Springtime!
4. My legs got to see the sun twice since being in England! Holla at the decent weather we kinda had
3. The strong spirit at the fireside with Peace
2. Investigators- specifically Peace and Hyde Ward being so welcoming
1. Sister Black. I was short with her more than once this week and apologized. But the eternal struggle between Brat Emi and Sister Doncheva is real and is a roadblock for who Emilia Doncheva can become. She is kind and tries her best, that should be good enough for me, but I'm culpable for a bad temper. She is wonderful to me though and I need to get over any other nonexistent "issue".

 That's right, even Dolly likes the shades

 Got to take advantage of the sun

 Don't worry, skirt is longer when standing or sitting

 Party flat! Coco is a hit w/ everyone

 Crashed Dolly's son's sweet 16...

You know how everyone is obsessed w/ Stacy Circuit, 
that's also how we feel about Dolly...

 Patty's husband Mike, wears this every time we come over. Rep it

Love my map

 Throwback to Sis Black's B-day

 Throwback to wall scaling

Throwback to looking like a clown

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