Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Emi's Tenth Email! April 20th, 2015

I literally can't remember anything we did. I can't believe it's been a week. We had many appointments, maybe that's what had to do with it? We are teaching people and going to dinner appointments and talking to everyone along the way. It's the best. Of course everything is 10x more enjoyable when the beautiful sun is out. Not hot, but everything is just so much more aesthetically pleasing and therefore enjoyable.

There are so many ups and downs to being here, but I'm so grateful for the basics of prayer and scripture study to strengthen us each day as we attempt to invite others unto Christ every day. Grateful for any way we can help strengthen testimonies. We truly have a Heavenly Father who knows and loves us all.

Top Ten
10) Jess is back home. Living life back as usual
9) BYU second semester is over this week, I wasn't even there for any of it- bizarre
8) Lost my voice, but found it. Sounded pathetic for a week
7) Stake Conference
6) Saw a cat that looked just like Little Whiskers this week
5) New Flat is decent
4) Bishop is back from Paris after politely keeping us informed on the nice weather and when his family was causally standing under the Eiffel Tower.
2) Keeping busy

1) Peace's progression! T-minus two weeks til her baptism!!!!

Molly and her crew

 Molly warming up

 Johnny, he was not amused

...or impressed

 Molly is intimidating


Girl from our ward gave this to us. Accurate

 G-ma Hillie

 Hillie likes to have fun


 If only it were really her

In the church building... stuff went down

 Food @ the Lee's

Reeally candid

 Saying "bye" to our old flat

 Movers providing entertainment. 
Coco stays there.

Awkward sister missionary standing 10 feet away from everyone

The crew

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