Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Emi's Eleventh Email! April 27th, 2015

I seriously can't believe that another week has gone by! It's crazy. We have been having such an amazing time and really getting places with our investigators. Ellen and Stan, Pan, Tin, and Peace are all really promising! It is sooo exciting.

So there's a grocery store round here called Iceland. We were at someone's house and they asked their son if they got the water from Iceland yet and I was like wow, how posh can ya get? So that was smooth. They cleared it up, don't worry.

I love love love the work and am more and more glad and grateful for each day! I love our purpose here and seeing how Christ in people's lives can change them for the better in so many unexpected ways. I just get so pumped on it all.

SIDE NOTE: If anyone ever feels like sending anything, they don't have good chip flavors here any brand would be delicious. Fritos, Cheetos, lays, sun chips. Anything! Or gushers... 

Top Ten
10) Went to Sweet four days in a row this week and went to Piccadilly- DT baby!
9) SO much success
8) Daughter in the ward got baptized! Hooray for Kate!
7) 6/7 days were sunny! The one rainy day would've been all for SD in a year
6) Pan came to church and is reading and praying!
5) An old man tried to kiss Sister Black! Almost died in open laughter
4) Taught the Law of Chastity... couldn't keep it together
2) Dolly is the best. Happy birthday to that country superstar

1) Peace is still preparing for baptism in t-minus one week! I say still b/c before our last lesson we ate w/ a member and I may or may not have bit into a wrap and had the tomato splatter all over his face.... Peace is such a trooper



 Huge pot

 Made this too difficult


 Happy Birthday Dolly!

 They owed me one good one

 Accidental matching

 "Accidental" matching

 Be prepared

 Stay tuned for next week' A-line hair cut


Throwback to 1st 5 week sleepover

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