Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Emi's Twelfth Email! May 5th, 2015

Wooow what a week. Yesterday was Peace's baptism, I'll get back to that, but it was amazing! 

So this week we were really busy and just living it up as sisters do, had appointments, etc. But also this week, Elder Dikes of the 70 and Elder Allen spoke on iPads that our mission will be receiving in due time. I don't want them, but will do my best to use them as another tool from and for the Lord. The whole mission was there, however, we did manage to remain reverent and lunch time was just a hot mess of fun seeing everybody, I was going bonkers. Also at the meeting I received a package from Amazon, I don't know who got it, but thank you thank you thank you whoever sent me that cute watch and the packages of gushers, that was a prompt response to my last email and I really appreciate it- please tell me who you are?!

The rest of the week was really a blur, the pics do it justice though. Sunday we found out that Sis Black is leaving me to go to Stockport. Initially, she wasn't going anywhere. To be blatant, I wasn't very Christlike in my reaction and was on the verge of being livid. We have too much work to get done, but I recognize getting the new girl will be a good thing and that Sis B and I will chill in UT all the time, I love her.

Yesterday we got to go to the temple with Dolly. It was the best time. I really love her too. Then we went to a carvery- so danky- with the Petersons. Afterward we prepared for Peace's baptism. The baptism was probably the best thing that has happened in my life. When I feel the Spirit very strongly, I get over-jovial and that definitely is what happened there. This gospel is the most important thing in my life and it always will be. Seeing that in Peace's life has been the greatest blessing.

I really do mean it when I say this church is everything to me and I have been so happy because of it. I love my family, friends, Peace, Sister Black and everyone in-between but I've only been capable to do so because of the amount of my love for the Saviour that has progressively grown. I love this work and want to be the best I can for the rest of these fifteen months and still have so far to go. These are the best days!

Top 10
10) Cooking-- Bishop didn't like my lo mein... in my defense, his wife is a very good cook (biased) and I made the mistake of using whole grain
9) Pickles from Aldi- yum
8) Staying in Hyde
7) Pan has read the whole Book of Mormon (I was skeptical at first, but he did it!)
6) The iPad training
Sorry but I'm happy enough with this
2) The temple

 Ok, I'm not good at making up names. 
Peace is a male, sorry

 Peace and President


 No words

 They're all goofs

 Our little superstar

I love her so so so so much

P-day @ the Lee's

Watched the Joseph Smith film and they bought snacks beforehand, 
brought me those to be healthy- not happening

Was trying to set the self timer, really embarrassing, sorry

 Fat-shaming deserved

 Got fat-shamed

Frankie and Benny's with Peace and the boys

 CHICKEN LO MEIN- thanks Kari

On Bishop's computer aweee

 District meeting @ the Lee's

 Love awkward pics

Not pleased

 Livin the life

 Zebra and Kangaroo burgers. 
Not impressed

 So cute


Elder Dikes came to speak about the iPads we're getting

 They're catching on, nbd

 Weekly planning baby (last week)


 The District

 The new comp, gotta break her in

 Dolly and The Petersens

 Some soccer stadium

Carveries = my downfall. 
Gained a stone



All the missionaries who've worked with this fam bam

 The girlzzz

 Bernardo is the boss. Huge fan

His bro was the BYU football quarterback at some point apparently, Elder Nelson?

Bishop is the best


Hyde Ward Missionaries

Missionary life

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