Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Emi's Thirteenth Email! May 11th, 2015

What a week. I legit can't remember half of it. But yeah, said bye to Sis Black (recently I realized she reminded me a lot of Mel back in the day, good times) this week. Got a new comp. It'll be a good change. Sister Warren is a "Preach My Gospel" missionary, which is exactly what I needed and we work well together even though she is from Nebraska which apparently has the best zoo in the world, don't worry, San Diego is number two- holla. I avow that I am working assiduously not to fall asunder and develop an aversion for this change, but it will be good if I make it so it will be!

Anyway, thanks M-bizzle/MB (Marybeth Ward) for the gushers and the watch, everything was perfect!

Everything is going well. Pan and Ellen and Stan came to church!!! Hopefully all works out well there!

Mother's Day yesterday!!!! Totally the best. Time has never flown by so quickly. I don't even remember what we talked about, it was just so weird!! (Emi was able to Skype home because it was mother's day.) Especially with Jess there- oh how the tables have turned or what! It's just like everything was so real, but then it was like I was back home, then it was like, oh I'll see you in December!

Oh, on a more bizarre note, I had a nightmare for the first time in a reallll long time. A man, looking similar to Freddy Krougar was standing over my bed. I woke up poor Sister Warren on our second night together screaming three times and asking if a man was standing over my bed while I was cowering under the blanket... In the morning, we read about the first prophets here and how they were attacked by evil spirits. Needless to say, I freaked, but then we had a tonnn of miracles working that day so there you go evil man!

Anyway, it was such a good week, time is flying and I feel the urge to do more and be more. I'm grateful for Christ for the ability He gives me to do so. I'm thankful for this time in England and really want to help others realize more and more how coming to Christ is the best life-changing decision ever, but it's their decision to make.

Top Ten
10) Tea at the Petersen's
9) Sister Black
8) Ward Council this week, always a good time
7) Clippers won first round against the Spurs oh what (thanks for filling me in Dennis)
6) Ellen and Stan took us for lunch
5) Peace Fellowshipped and did soooo well
4) Ellen and Dan came to church!!!
3) Everything the Lees do for us missionaries!
2) Sis Warren
1) Skyping home!!

 Fallin asleep on member's grandchildren since day one- whoops

 Sis B.'s new comp and Sister Bevans goin home!

 Saying bye to Sis B.

 Staging saying bye, not the same. 
But things got emotional (P.S. check the watch)

 1st day with Sis W

 A park nearby/the jungle

 First day unprepared in the rain-at least it wasn't cold!

 Oh what

 Petersens hit it off again

 Dolly and Sister Petersen-love them

 So posh


 Peace getting domestic on us...

 or feminine

 At the Lees!


 for days

 The crew-so fun!

 Reliving the moment. Sorry Peace

 Happy Birthday Elder Harris!

 Waving bye to Elder Lee


 Lunch with Ellen and Stan


 Haven't taken a screenshot in a year (old phone was garbage)

 The whiskers!



 So fun!

 P-day...it happens

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