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Emi's Fourteenth Email! May 18th, 2015

So this week was pretttty good. "Leading the area" is totally NBD, the Elders already know their way around and Sister Warren is picking it up fairly quickly. She's pretty gunny/random. One day we were walking and she was like "You would be a good business woman." Naturally I was confused and wanted her to elaborate and I guess she just meant that I get things done. I'll take it as compliment, then seconds later she's like "I feel like you look like royalty today," -typical Sis W. apparently haha. Even Peace was throwing out random comments this week, saying I "have a proper lion's mane" for hair, thanks Peace.

Anyway, so I have another analogy for this week, brace yourselves. So a mission, is like a specific roller coaster in our lives of the amusement park. When you enter an amusement park, you naturally want to go on the best rides for you (make the best decisions). Once you make the choice to endure the ride of a mission, you take that first step in line by turning in your paperwork and finding out exactly where you're going and you're so excited because you know this ride was meant for you. So then you wait with everyone else till you finally get on. While waiting, you can talk to the people in line next to you, pay attention to those on the ride, the ride itself, or just kinda stand around not paying attention (self pre-mission prep). Then, the MTC is when you get strapped in. You're beyond anxious and you have this very limited precious time to evaluate the best you can one last time. Hopefully you are securely fastened because as soon as you got in, you're off.. You've never been on this ride before and the first bit there is too much going on, it's just a blur. Luckily you will always have the person sitting next to you (your comp). Then you start getting more used to things, but wish you had payed more attention to the ride before or those who had already been on the ride. You realize you didn't even know what you were doing when you decided to step in line.. Then you see you have so much further to go, but going back isn't even an option. There are many ups and downs and it feels almost impossible to get used to. Sometimes, it feels like the ride might just break down and for some people it does and they get off. But you've started to enjoy the ride regardless of the unknown ahead and, in fact, you enjoy when you're at the peaks and can see others enduring the path and hope some find their way to join you on the coaster. The obstacles continue, however, before you know it the ride is over. Other people want to get on, but you want to go again, but you can't. You have to join the rest of people in the park.

I would be devastated if I got too focused on myself and my obstacles that I didn't help people on this mission as much as I know I could. I feel that deep need to change and be better before this sacred time is up. Sorry, usually my emails aren't this long, but I think that more accurately describes my week and the pics as well of course.

I know that Heavenly Father can allow us all to change for the better. That is the opportunity He has given us as missionaries, but more so to help change the lives of those we meet and we really need to work hard for that. I'm grateful for this time and grateful to work, but I know I need to do more and be more and pray for that often. My love for this gospel grows more and more each day. I really do love it..

Top Ten
10) Really neat thrift shops in the UK
9) Self restraint not to buy everything in said thrift shops
8) Zone meeting
7) Yummy chips from most recent package. THANK YOU
6) 40 day Purification fast
5) All the members in Hyde. I really am learning to love the people of England through my service for them
4) Pretty successful week (20 something lessons and 16 BOMS passed out)
3) The time and opportunity to improve
2) Tan lines still there after three month babyyyy
1) Pan passed his baptism interview questions

 Wish I had that dress for 4th of July, 
somebody's gotta celebrate it here

 mormon.org, visit it

 The view of E£G

 Elders had to walk home from the hospital

 Peace stepped on my heel, made me bleed, 
bought bandaids (plasters) and insisted on applying it..

They're a hit with everyone, NBD

 The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh

 Thanks for the danky chips, Charlie (my double chin) was pleased

The kids mixing us drinks and on a Sunday!

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