Friday, May 29, 2015

Emi's Fifteenth Email! May 26th, 2015

Another good week. I always feel like so much happens, it's always overwhelming. 

So I was thinking recently of all those trips Bishop Roberts planned that always sounded like a really fun activity, but then they always end up being 10x harder than described. (Nice lil hike to some waterfalls ends up being a trek up and down the Grand Canyon to huge waterfalls, we also hiked to and stayed in creepy Indian motels). We all agreed to do it and always ended up finding ourselves pushing boundaries we didn't even know existed and getting close to one another as we experienced those things together. I was starting to think these adventures were pre-planned to be difficult on his part. And I'm glad they were. I know like those activities, I'll be so glad to have done this, I'm just trying to find a way to enjoy the effort along the way.

There were mannnnnnny things I didn't know were entitled in regards to serving a mission. Many things are difficult and I know no one says it's going to be easy, but wow, sometimes I just really get down on myself and work myself up for no reason except to cause self-afflictions. That is when I turn to the Lord the most, and seek to have that charity and really get caught up in helping others, not myself. I'm grateful the Savior can help me do so, otherwise I would be very useless for the rest of my time here.

Oh, also, seeing as we're out of the worldly loop, I'm not too distracted by some of the things I've heard recently, but more so curious as to if they're true...

-First-off, is The Alamo happening again?
-Is BYU allowing beards??? PLEASE NOOOOOO
-So I've weighed about 125 back home before and that's about how much I do now. WHY then, do I almost have a double chin?! Sure, maybe I should weigh 120, but I shouldn't have to suffer with this being over only 5 lbs!
-Oh haha, this is more of a side note, but people here don't always (and understandably) know U.S. geography well, but a lady we were teaching was talking about how weed was made legal in some states including San Diego and I was trying to explain that San Diego was just a city, but then she was like "Right, if California is in San Diego, then it's legal there too." Think she missed the point, but is that true as well?

Top Ten
10) Heard a song I really like from back home...
9) Manchester Museum
8) There are these kids here -not to be offensive- but they are considered to be "cool" and they are boys who carry these mini purse type things. They try to act soooo hard and I try very hard not to mock them
7) Peace taking us to KFC was the best
6) A member's son is gnarly at the piano, he competes in Warsaw. He played Khutchaturian by Toceta for us... seriously amazing
5) Members Pawn and Senny Panty had all us missionaries over to help their kids with a missionary opportunity and they even went out to work with us for a bit. That never happens. It was so special.
4) Everything the Lees and our District does for us
3) The Temple trip
2) Peace got the priesthood!
1) Pan got baptized! So proud of him. You wouldn't believe the change in him

 Fallin asleep on member's grandchildren since day one- whoops

 Sister B's new comp and Sister Bevans going home!

 Saying bye to Sis B.

 Staging saying bye, not the same. 
But things got emotional (P.S. check the watch)

 1st day with Sister W.

 A park nearby/ the jungle

 First day unprepared in the rain- at least it wasn't cold!

 Oh what

 Petersens hit it off again

 Dolly and Sister Petersen- love them

 So posh


 Peace getting domestic on us...

 ...or feminine

 At the Lees!


 ...for days

 The crew- so fun!

 Reliving the moment. Sorry Peace

 Happy birthday Elder Harris!






Haven't taken a screenshot in a year (old phone was garbage)


The whiskers!



So fun!

Waving bye to Elder Lee

P-day... it happens

Lunch with Ellen and Stan


The new District


 Sorry, I'm way too over makeup, not happening

 Sis Djjikaij from Albania

 Peace took us all to KFC and treated. Too nice

 Panty family's son who worked with us for a bit

 Took Sis Warren to Sweet for the first time!!

 Got a lil lost

 Never happens. Felt so good

 It's better than you'd think

 Pan's baptism!!!

 Proud of Pan

 Lilo a recent convert baptized Pan!

 So tender

 O.G. crew

 Peace signing in his code name. He's the best

 Peace got the Priesthood!!

 Peace hugging the temple

 The more missionaries the merrier

 Sis Schwab!!

 Us in action figure form

 Peace the future missionary!!

 The Nephites in the Manchester Museum

 Wow we look creepy

Archies. Sorry Sweet...

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