Monday, June 1, 2015

Emi's Sixteenth Email! June 1st, 2015

Ok, not going to lie. Pretty dang over emailing. Except for those few regulars who fill me in on life, please keep 'em coming. Other than that, think I might just shorten emailing to an hour or something, it's lammeeee.

I can't really remember too much that happened this week.
Ate some pot-pourri thinking it was candy in a Chinese restaurant bathroom. 

Stan and Ellen have disappeared. 

Someone said my glasses looked like their grandma's- got absolutely zero support from my district. They all just laughed. Where's the support?? hah. 

There's a huge Romanian community- where the Bulgs at? But seriously.

Hope that Dennis had a good birthday. We're all getting so old. 

Oh, Peace asked me to hold on to his "hay fever" (allergy) medication for him. Told him I wasn't his mom and he said, "It's alright, you can still take care of me." Oh what a tender spirit, of course I will Peace!

Other than that, figured it was about time for some lingo update!! The jargon here is wack.

Ta- thank you
Braid- French braid
Plat- braid
Finge- bangs
Take the Mickey (as in Mickey Mouse)- mock/ridicule
Sleeping policeman- speed bumps
Lorry- semi-truck
Jim-jams- pjs
To let- for rent (but always looks like toilet missing the "i")
Estates- neighbourhood
Garden- front/backyard
Torch- flashlight (reallll confusing on that one)
Specs- glasses
Bonnet- hood (of car)
Boot- trunk (of car)
Gherkins- pickles
Pickles- pickled onion
Pram- stroller
Hoover- vacuum
Diary- calendar (also confusing)
Brolly- umbrella (Rihanna would disagree)
Zed- the letter "z"
Trolly- shopping cart
Braces- suspenders

That's good enough for now. Weren't expecting that were you. Oh, they put really good cream on all their cakes. I'm alllll about that. My cake goes swimming in that cream.

Oh and Happy almost b-day to Amber Thorton and Amber Hutchinson!

But yeah. Things are good when you let them be. Just gotta keep trucking on and working to be the best I can be. (Haha Pan's at the library right now). I don't know how people can get by everyday without utilizing the Atonement. I need Christ soooo much everyday in my life and need that strength. That's the urge that we have to share it. But the knowledge and joy that comes with that fact that he lives just makes everyday so much more enjoyable as well. I'm grateful to be in here in Hyde working with Sister Warren and for the trust we can all have in relying on Christ. This church is true. I know it.
Hope you all have a good week!

10) Ben and Jerry ice cream!! Rarity, for 2£ babyy
9) Bishop's hard work and example
8) The Lees got us a box of Orville Reddenbocker, it's almost gone...
7) Jitterbug family having us over
6) Peace teaching US the after baptism lessons
5) Lees taking us to the Carvery and the privilege it is to spend any time with them
4) Plum recommitting to baptism. Things have got to get real
3) Peace passing the sacrament!!!
2) Apparently there's a heat wave coming, not sure what that means to the Brits, but I'm ready for it.
1) Sister Warren. I can learn so much from her if I let her. Haha, she heart attacked all my stuff. Apparently it's a sister missionary thing to write each other notes. I'm not about that. These things were EVERYWHERE. Told her it  was kinda creepy haha

 So they think they can sing

 Last day for the Pews. So glad we caught them! 
They are amazing

 Looked cooler in person

 Cleaning crew

 Carvery with the Lees

 The mood was right

 Doesn't even know where he got it from



 Peace back at it

 Elder Lee, doing better

 Chasing rainbows

In detail

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