Monday, June 8, 2015

Emi's Seventeenth Email! June 8th, 2015

So recently, I've been studying the missionary guidebook, preach my gospel, and the Christlike attributes section. It helped me realizzzze I've got a loooong way to go. But I'm very grateful that our weaknesses can be made known to us because weaknesses really can be made strong! I think the hardest is learning how to care for people. I am very used to not caring for many people and we need to love everyone to an extent. Especially on a mission. First step, learning how to listen to people better. Oh, we got the iPads. So sorry for the typos, I blame the contraption.  I've really been learning to love my mission more. I've always liked it, then really liked it. As of now I love it, and I know I can grow to really love it.

Can't number the Top ten. It was all good

Sweeping for this perfect old lady, Audrey, I want to keep her.
Package from the Richmonds!
Exchanges with the 26 year old Philinina Sister Zulueta
P-day hike and IKEA
Visiting Elder Lee and Sis Lee buying us M&S cookies. Prayers to him, especially today
Digital conference with President Holland speaking
Peace working with us
I'm a Mormon accounts, they're the best. Make one

Sister Doncheva


 Sassy Swede

 Pointing to the beloved Ikea


 Ikea meatballs

 iPad and ice cream

 Sister Zulueta

 She's the best

 Elder Lee still being Elder Lee



 Good ole Hyde

 Good example of our relationships


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