Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Emi's Nineteenth Email! June 22nd, 2015

So I am officially leaving Hyde. I keep thinking "come what may and love it," but I have really, really come to love this area. I'm only going to Oldham, which is Northish of Piccadilly (Manchester), but it's a different zone and actually is considered as being part of the top half of the mission. And, that is where my MTC companion has been serving up till now. I am going to miss this ward, but there will be people to love in Oldham.

I love Sisters Warren and Black and I will love Sister Allen. 

I have finally figured out why the double chin exists. British people don't eat much fruit or vegetables. I love the meals people provide us, but if they have veggies, they're boiled to no nutrients and if there is fruit, it's from a can. Totally cracked the code. Looks like my comps and I got some health shopping to do. Only took this long to put it together.

It's been getting dark at about 10:30 and light again at around 4 which has been fantastic, but since the summer solstice has now passed, the days are officially starting to shorten....which means winter is approaching. Not excited.

Hope Hannah Andrews had a good birthday and that Kerry Hammock enjoyed Flag Day!

Change is different but good. I am excited. 

Top 10
10) Piccadilly Museums with our recent convert playing tour guide. Apparently, we saw the first computer, I totally missed it.
9) Peace fulfilling his calling in Young Men as a counselor.
8) Making yummy ice cream. Vanilla, Daim, Biscoff spread, peanut butter, and cookie dough. I have to make this for everyone back home. Even Bishop approved.
7) Ward Family Fun Day (and the scones a member made for it, beyond delicious).
6) Visiting the Lees with Brother Jitterbug and Granny. 
5) Bishop Holt
4) Seeing Dolly/Dolly in general
3) Hyde ward
2) Hyde members
1) Hyde area

Sister Doncheva

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