Monday, July 6, 2015

Emi's Twentieth Email! June 29th, 2015

Weird, weird, weird. That's all I can say to describe this week. Don't worry though, good weird. It is so odd to think I was in beautiful Hyde not even a mere week ago. So involved in a life there with people I love and care for and then you go on! What is especially peculiar is how comforted you can be with these changes. 

I already have so much love for Oldham, it's members, and my new companion- Sister Allen. She's pretty mellow, but also really random and funny. I'll keep her. Another aspect with this ever expanding heart of mine is the special place I have for bishops. Bishop Roberts, I could go on about forever, he is amazing. And then I meet Bishop Holt, also totally amazing, but in a different manner. Now I've got Bishop Ashworth who is amazing in a totally different regard. They are all so totally amazing! Haha. And admirable. I really look up to these priesthood holders.

It's going to be sad missing two 4th of July celebrations, in England of all places haha. But our bishop is having U.S. missionaries come to the chapel this Saturday. I'm gonna make chilli, corn bread, and ice cream. No bbq, but it'll do, no fireworks but it's ok.

Our flat isn't comparable to any of my old ones, but I have enjoyed cleaning it.
I seriously haven't been happier. There are going to be soooo many miracles! I'm grateful for this time to grow and the challenges with blessings that lay up ahead. I am beyond excited to work with the people in Oldham and for the support I can fully rely on Christ to accomplish great works with.

3 Nephi 18:21
Oh, accidentally ate some coffee cake.
Good week!

Sister Doncheva

Also, huge huge huge congrats to Christie and Daniel for having little baby Jack!!!

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