Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Emi's Twenty-Fourth Email! July 27, 2015

 A week of personal epiphanies and recommitments.
Thank you to the Cravens family, Lociceros and Spring for their lovely cards.
Happy one year Joe!
Happy birthday Tuse Goose!

Just to clarify, I don't eat at those chicken places and never have or will. I just thought those names were ridiculous. Did I mention Virginia Fried Chicken or MFC (My Fried Chicken)? Haha.

Sister Allen's quote of the week: 
-We were talking to a man about his massive American Bulldog "Oh wow, he is just a majestic beast" I had to turn away my face in laughter.
-We are kinda starting to teach a Romanian family, mainly teaching them English, needless to say, but neither of us speak Romanian...it'll work out. Apparently the double-kiss goodbye is tradition and the boy almost went for it at Sister Allen.
-I asked to pet some lady's kittens and she got very upset with me when she found out we couldn't keep the cats and that we only wanted to stroke them. Sister Allen had to remind me I'm a grown woman so it might seem kinda odd asking to pet cats. Since when did I grow up? I still have the mindset of a 16 year old and need to keep changing...
-Some 10-year-olds threw blueberries at us 

So this week I had the re-realisation that I need to fully recommit myself everyday to the Lord for this work. It hit me that I'll actually go home one day. I was kind of in the mindset that this is it, this is my life. But unfortunately it won't be forever and all our heart, might, mind and strength is what is required everyday. That is why we need that sincere cry for recommitment and help from Him to do our all.
I like this quote in regards to our testimonies:
"A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because it's trust is not in the branch, but in its own wings." -Unknown 

Top 10
1) Mission History Tour. This is the first overseas mission so, we saw where some of the early saints went and also where President Kimball served.
2) Stake Athletics. Sister A and I will be sore for days.
3) Oldham Ward
4) Literally obsessed with this mission and this work.
5) Tea at President Seal's 
6) Blessings and miracles. Prayer is real.
7) Museum of Art in Picadil with some sisters, celebrating Sister Warren's B-day
8) Service for Sister Awire
9) One of Bishop's sons, Fesoj, got his mission call to Poland! So exciting, everyone in Provo has to meet him.
10) Gonna get back in shape. I just need a jump rope and to keep going to yummy Holland & Barrett (like a mini Whole Foods)

Sister Emi Doncheva

Costco/ Price Club

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