Monday, July 6, 2015

Emi's Twenty-First Email! July 6th, 2015

Sorry, my emails have been so lame recently, this week probably won't be any better haha sorry. I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th in our beautiful country.

Oldham has been amazing. They say Oldham is "Goldam" or something like that, no it's totally true, but I know we can push the work forward. I'm just not 100% sure how yet, but I'll keep it updated haha. We'll pray for some inspiration.

There are many miracles everyday, but also just as many fall-throughs. Maybe it's my impatience, but seeing progress in people is very slow and I just want/expect the Gospel to change them immediately as it has for me and Peace, at least the main points, but we just have to trust the Lord. It's also mixed with the desire not to waste precious time with certain people, but we have to give them all a chance.

I'm grateful for this time to fully trust the Lord and strengthen my testimony of Him. I'm grateful for Oldham, I'm grateful for this mission, and for all my wonderful companions.

Sister Doncheva

Top 10
1) God bless America
2) Bishop Ashworth and his family
3) Ashworth family threw a 4th mini party for us Americans, so kind! I made chilli, corn bread, ice cream, cake, grilled cheese, and strawberry drink.
4) Members in Oldham! They are so solid and every member that has fed us so far has had real fruit and veggies.
5) Place called Indian Head
6) Sun and heat
7) Letters from Dennis, Amber, Jessica, and Kari!! Thank you so much!
8) Wild cherries
9) Sister Allen-she really deserves #1, but yeah. She's hilarious and makes work more fun meaning we can work even more
10) πŸ‘†Plus she thinks I'm like a mermaid

Watches on watches


goodbye meal!

Sequence shots of the present the boys got me!

Bye to the Lees...

A goodbye gift from Peace and the elders

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