Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Emi's Twenty-Second Email! July 13th, 2015

The weeks continue to blur by. 

We are going to Costco today thanks to my lovely ma for sending over my card. Beyond excited. We had Zone Meeting which I had for the first time out of the Manchester Zone (currently in Ashton Zone and the top half of the mission even though it is only minutes away from Hyde haha), and it was good. We have a very ethnic zone with missionaries from all over the world. You might be surprised at how well we get along considering the diversity but the Gospel is all you really need in common. 

Our mission is introducing street displays so we tried that this week. It didn't go according to planned, but I'm sure it'll be a good thing for the work. 

Sister Allen and I did calorific deficit for 2 days. Basically you're not suppose to eat for two days so that your body just lives off your fat and burns it, but don't worry, we still had vegetables and stuff so it wasn't too bad. Sister Allen lost 6 pounds! But then ate 3 donuts for breakfast so we'll see how long it lasts. I don't think anything happened to me...hopefully I will be blessed and lose my double chin by the end of the mission. We even made a song to motivate us. (To the tune of "Fergalicious") "Calorific deficit makes my tummy grumble. Calorific def, calorific def eat that red tomato...etc". Good times.

Sister Allen also cut my hair this week. I think I'll wait next time for someone more experienced (or just wait to be reunited with Sister Black) to cut it. But you know, it's hair, it'll grow back haha!

Not gonna lie, this mission is the most odd (oddest?) thing ever! However, if it weren't for my lovely friends and family, I would not want to go back home, I love being here. Heavenly Father can shape us all and it is such a privilege to try and help others understand the role He plays, and can more so play, in our lives. I am grateful to try and serve Him more and more each day and that he can help me better serve His children as I improve to be more like Him. It leaves me dumbfounded. I am grateful to know He is real and that He lives today with His son Jesus Christ. They are there for all of us.

Top 10
10) Playing knockout, a seminary favourite pastime 
9) Sport night
8) Found an American food store that a member owns so we get discounts!
7) Going to Costco! Hello more American products!
6) Cooking (this week some peanut butter chunks, more peanut butter ice cream, grilled PB&Js-I love George Foremans, and veggie stir fry) 
5) Had some weekly miracles
4) Zone Meeting
3) Church
2) Calorific Def
1) Tea at the Sails, Hashless and Seals.
1) Finally finished all of "Preach My Gospel" for the first time!!! Time to start round two.
1) Cali Rich is going to be a big sister!!!!

Can someone please look up if there are any Bulgarian communities within my mission?

Sister Emi Doncheva

Transfer Meeting

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