Monday, April 4, 2016

Emi's Sixtieth Email! March 28, 2016

So apparently the queen has a real birthday and a different day that
the country recognises as her birthday. It super confusing, but I
think she gets two birthdays! The life.

The members we go to fhe for were talking about their pet chickens.
And I'm like great, rando pet lovers. Then the husband starts going on
about how "awfully considerate" they are, and I'm thinking here we go,
then he says how they always die on bin day. Hahahaha. Same Members
took us out to work this week. I fell asleep in the middle of one our
visits...but later we were stopping by someone and he was totally
laying on the guilt trip and chastising and we are just laughing at
how blunt he is and he says, there's only one way to hit em, and
that's in the jugular. Hahahahhahahahah.

Got a tad sunburnt at Conwy Castle Hahahaha...prepping for heatstroke in SD.

We used footballs with church questions written on them for our street
displays and kick them at people so they'll read it and so we can talk
to them.

Recent convert made us pizza and chips with curry. Super nice!

I've been meeting loads of Bulgarian homies!! Even Spaniards. I really
enjoy brushing up on my language skills but then I realise how little
I actually speak and for my brain to bounce back between those two
languages is difficult...

We were walking in downtown Chester and I saw two big Tongans and I told
Sister Dalton, those are islanders. Seconds later they yell "sisters"
(I forgot like all Tongans are members haha) and that NEVER happens so
we go and chat a bit. One of them is less active with a nonmember
"misses" so we look forward to working with them. Then they insisted
on giving us loads of ££££ for food. Bless their big hearts, we can't
even eat that much..well actually Sister Dalton could. She told me she
doesn't know what "full" is and recently my belly has been
agreeing/back to fatmode...

This week was good. Realised more stuff about myself and was sluggish
and short with my companion AGAIN. but I'm trying to improve even
though I'm beyond frustrated with myself. At least we still went out
to work and did our best and I'm honest about it.

So the two girls we have been working with are doing well. Still
anticipating a dual baptism for them on the 9th, so that has been a
major blessing for me and Sister Dalton. We are also visiting more
members and getting to know people and stuff. That phase of charity I
had when I fist got here is kinda gone though. I was being super
outgoing and getting to know people and put forth effort and now I
think I couldn't be bothered but obviously am still obligated to care
and I do, but now I'm not blessed with those social skills anymore.
Pride cycle is real.

Top 10
1) My good friend in Belgium who was at the site of the bombing is ok.
So grateful I'll be able to see him again
2) Conwy castle was soooooo dope!!!!!!!!and the smallest house in the uk!
3) Locked ourselves out of our flat (rubbish English doors lock so
randomly) so we stayed at a members til 11 and watched 17 miracles (I
only counted like 10 but whatever)
4) Getting to speak Bulgarian
5) The Togan members
6) Easter!! Easter chocolate (I'll start caring about my weight in May,
don't worry there is a game plan)
7) One really nice sunny day!
8) Time change and it's getting dark at approximately 8!!!!!
9) Tea at the Johansen's and Burgundy's!!
10) Made some Mediera buns

I have loved Easter time and talking to people about the Saviour and
what He personally means to me but also how what He did applies to
everyone. Seriously I know I got through this week so much better
because of the hope that His message provides. I actually accidentally
started a bus debate this week with loads of people and in the end we
could all agree that people need hope. I'm just grateful that in the
gospel, hope is a sure thing, there is no uncertainty attached to it.
People just need to listen to us and realise it for themselves haha.

Anyway, it's a bank holiday so we get to go to the temple, holla! And
holla at the members who are driving us all the way there.

Happy birthday big booty Connor Walton!!!

 Sister Johansen's birthday!!!

 Brit vending machine

 the sea?


ay bay bay

not real

lil Conwy town

evil pigoen

ew tried

supa fresh


poor midevil ppl, tiny door

also not real

probs my fav pic. so typical England (even though it's in Wales...)

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