Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Emi's Sixty-Third Email! April 18, 2016

This week has been the worst on my mission number wise, but very good

We did lots of service which is a huge blessing, had some
interesting teaching situations, met some amazing people, went to a

And of course most important, Sister Fernandez! I loved her
right from the start. She is superb. We are definitely very different
and I think everything I've learned on my mission will come into
practice these next twelve weeks, here it comes. I definitely need to
go to a train the trainers next time though, I think we are missing
some of the basics. I've just kinda thrown her into the normal routine
and she's kept up very well. It is all super natural for her since she
is in her own country, we have already experienced many miracles
because of that.

A young man with much potential came to church Sunday and we are
already planning on teaching two other part member families. Lots to
come this transfer. And our relationship with the members has gone
through the roof since last transfer.

Yeah, like I said last week. Sister F is engaged, 23 ish , looks super
Hispanic and her parents are, but she's lived in the uk and even has a
posh accent. I swear I know a Mexican girl from back home who looks
just like her but I can't remember who. I also recently realized that
all my companions have been a substantial amount older than me haha.
Also, this is such a beautiful place, I will never take it for granted.

Oh haha and I realized they don't do blocks here, that's why it's so
confusing. The streets are all random.

Top 10
1. The Johansens. Saying bye to them was worse than any break up could be.
2. Getting a new missionary. So. Much . Growth.
3. Sister Dalton. So grateful for her example.
4. Seeing people at transfers (Sister Black made me the best planner ever)
5. Bulgarian investigators, holla.
6. Some very beautiful days and snowed over night once haha
7. Service service service! (Cleaning, animal farm, charity shop yeah baby!)
8. Boy's baptism. Takes me back. Also, helps me with the reality of
Josph Smith's truthfulness in the first vision of an innocent, sincere
14 year old boy. Hard to come by these days...
9. Sister F's first week has been soooo unconventional, I feel badly
for when she gets a real companion, oh well. We will have fun and work
so it's ok.
10. So much potential for these next transfers

If anyone knows anything about China (the plates and stuff) and wants
any from this country, let me know and I will get some but be specific
because I know nothing about it!

Got another haircut...why do people insist on cutting so much, a trim
is a trim not a free for all! Fro for days...

I know I still have loads of time, but it hasn't really hit me that I
won't be here much longer. It is so bizarre to reflect. Very weird.
Life is weird, but we know what God has in store at the end, so it'll
all be way worth it. I know it. I'm grateful for it. Good thing
Heavenly Father knows our potential

 "Welsh" Supermarket



 My old zone leader. Sister Black made this..ridiculous

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