Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Emi's Sixty-Fourth Email! April 25, 2016

This week was fab. Sister F and I feel like she's always been a
missionary so that makes things way easier and we get along well so
it's fun.

Monday we took it easy, her first pday! Then we went to fhe with
our investigator and less active (I couldn't be bothered making up
names anymore). He is a flipping genius and learns super quickly and
remembers everything you tell slip ups on false doctrine.

Tuesday we had our meeting and dispaly. Some plans were a flop but our
ward mission leader is the best. We went to institute with the people
from Monday. It was early church history...uh oh. He actually loved it
though, it was the members talking about personal apostasy that killed

Wednesday we taught them again and tried to set a baptismal date,
denied! Oh well. Then we ditched coordination a tad early to go to
pamper night with the Young Women and Relief Society. I just gave
massages and ate fruit. Heaven.

Thursday was Sister F's first time tracting. Job well done/ miracle
people, haha lucky. My first time was miserable. And we had tea at the

Friday we worked with a part member family. They are good.

Saturday we had a failed street display-born agains..but DT Chester was
popping. Then we taught a Bulgairan family. I seriously love them.
They made us Bulgarian food, she's just the type of person that was
for sure a pre-mortal friend.

Sunday we had flops but at least we had munch and mingle to pull us
through. Plus a few people came to church so that was good with us!

Well, Sister F and I are seriously having a blast working together, I am
so grateful. We better stay together the full 12 weeks. We might be
too happy for President's liking.

-the elders scared me pretty badly a few times this week
-with my fro haircut, my hair has literally been fringing from the roots haha
-I dropped 4p and E Lolsie sang lil Wheezy to me..."young Mulah baby"
Sister F and I lost it all day

Top 10
10) getting dark later and lighter earlier 11/13 of her first days
have been sunny, unrealistic expectations.
9) my last chiropractor appointment. Sorely missed, literally.
8) shout out to the Queen's BIRTHDAY!
7) old English men performing in town centre
6) literally everyone in our district is working with at least one
mental person.
5) we've been telling EVERYONE how we've been going on runs ( we went once)
4) at our street display, we were sandwiched in between aggressive born
agains and kind jehovah witnesses. I told the jws, "Mormons, born
agains and jehovahs, it's a party"
3) saw an ex football player for Man united in Chester-Rio Ferdinand?
Made me thing of the Ashworths.
2) my legs saw the sun for the 1st time in 6 months!! It was kinda
warm enough to go without tights.
finally paying for itself after my many mc investments. Takes me back
to when Mae and I won a BBQ grill off of Hienze haha

I've been pretty determined to make the end of my mission the best. So
it's been happening. I know I have a lot further to go but I'm
grateful Heavenly Father has provided His son for us to continually
progress. Even when I'm annoyed with my lacks, we can just keep
pushing and it's all we need to do.

 Sister Fernandez and our haircuts

Chester Cathedrial is blooming


fields. I LOVE THEM

Sis. F speaks to sheep. like actually

Morris dancers hahahaha

raw talent


Rio Ferdinand

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