Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Emi's Sixty-Fifth Email! May 3, 2016

So that nice weather. Abrupt stop with snow this week...what happened to May?

Monday we met up with the Sisters and had Nandos, yum. Then fhe. our
friend was sick so the la came solo. Oh and Sister F offered me a
piece of toast for breakfast, it sounded so posh!

Tuesday we flippin trekked for so much of the day. My shin splints
were killing me (bc of our avid runs averaging to one a week), and we
literally got caught in the middle of a Wizard of Oz strom. We took
cover behind a public toilet building. It was pathetic and we were ill
prepared but I couldn't help but laugh and think how much I will miss
moments like that.

Wednesday we had flops. Even our reach out was a flop. Should've just
gone to Sister Blacks for the sleepover...

Thursday we had our big meeting. Highlight def seeing Sister Black.
Mama, sorry your jerky hasn't come in yet. Sister F and I tried hard
to make sure Pres doesn't notice how happy we are together, I think he
may know, but all the other sisters in her group are totally in the
red zone, so I think we'll be fine.

Friday we did weekly planning and sorted out our new "smart" phones.
Then there was the ward talent show. Talents impressive, I wish we
were better at getting people to invite people.

Saturday we found people yay. She and I work very unconventionally
together, but it works so no complaints. I can always improve our
planning though, it's just that I'm at the point if something falls
through its easy to go with multiple backups but I should have the
most productive thing in mind instead.

Sunday we went to the fireside.

Monday was bank holiday (hence the dodgy tues emailing haha) and we
went to Mt Snowden with our former wml (ward mission leader) . I wanted to go 
to the top sooo badly but many things were just beyond my control. I've waited 
like my whole mission for an opportunity like this and normally I would've
reacted sooooo so negatively and although it was a struggle for me, I
had a much better attitude than I would've a few months ago, yay. We
had 1/4 of the way left to the top...then we had fhe.

Today we have tea for the first time at Bishops all companions. With us luck.

I know that my Saviour loves me. He is amazing.

celebrating her one month w mcflurrys duh!

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