Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Emi's Sixty-Sixth Email! May 9, 2016

Whoa whoa whoa last Skype home, so weird. So fun!

Top 10
1. Skyping
2. Jack Wills jacket from the charity shop we started working
at-£10!!!!!!! Beyond stoked
3. Mt Snowden was beautiful and Llygloffleon
4. Volunteering at the charity shop is amazing
5. At a street display I basically met the radio person from the film
2012. He was trying to get his transmission aligned with those in
space so he could build a shave ship. To top it off his gave me a bag
of lemons but only if I were to plant the seeds. Little does he
6. Solid street display lesson. I love bearing my testimony
7. Ran into our Tongan, he da best
8. Had tea at Bishop Gobble's for the first time. He's got cute kids.
9. Look up the Gladstone library in Wales, well posh.
10. Learned two fun facts this week. I'm actually not a size 8 shoe.
7 or 7 1/2 and lamb that we eat is baby the sheep
equivalent of veal. Sad day.

Ps our investigator dropped us but we taught someone else this week
who has promise.

Also, yesterday was so pleasant and beautiful (after the night before
literally chuckin it down) that I shed a tear of joy. The weather was
so nice it overwhelmed me.

We went to Ffflyglofflen today. Can't spell it. The computers here are
too ghetto for me to add a caption

Also also I've been reading Jesus the Christ. Best. Book. Ever. After
the Book of Mormon and Bible and stuff.

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