Monday, May 16, 2016

Emi's Sixty-Seventh Email! May 16, 2016

These week was superb. So beautiful and fun. Last year was my first
exchange ever and it was with Sister Gjakaj, this year we had a
reunion. Amazing to see the positive differences in one another. Plus
we had a blast and loads of miracles and her companion and my
companion and we are just all hilarious and just had a ball. We also
ate a lot.

Example: Sister Ketchmann from Germany is learning English and asked: 
"what is the thing that switches the light on and off?" 
"You mean a light switch?" 
"Ah, you're joking". 
She did Kung fu back home so that's what
we did for exercise. She played the flute back home so she played it
for the morning hymn. Maybe you had to be there.

Oh and the APs came to our district meeting but "my voice hurt" so I
didn't speak much. It did hurt but you know.

Coordination just isn't the same these days.
The members here are amazing.
Found a miracle girl! I'm going to fake name her Molly so that she can
become Molly Mormon, she is so solid! She met missionaries in uni
(flipping Oxford!) and things didn't go super well but she also likes
the Shaytards and this time it's just so good!

Yeah just trying to make the days count. I'm thanking Heavenly Father
more and more sincerely for each day here. It's just the best. We are
being way too blessed.

Top 10
1. Molly!
2. Exchanges
3. I collect the coins here and I got a Peter Rabbit one! Amazing!
Sister F dropped it within the two seconds of holding it and it scratched
but it's still amazing! How lucky! So happy!
4. Had a picnic at the park with the fab Bulgarian fam
5. We went into a charity shop and they had a bop-it so I had to give
it a go. 75 nbd.
6. The days are so long and beautiful, one was actually hot! I got a
very slight minuscule highlight in my hair! Yay!
7. We don't do 12 weeks (the training programme) thank goodness
8. I got a letter from President about training and I thought it was
my trunky letter, so disappointing
9. We went from having one or two tea apts a week and this week we had
two in one day. Not about the food but satisfaction of connection.
(We've actually been running )
10. saw some baby cows. They literally look like mini cows. So cute.
We also heard some normal cows in a shed and I was 100% convinced
there were baby elephants...

-Some kid said he liked my skirt and I said thanks, looks like coffee
beans don't it, and he asked if he could eat it...

Full of beans- high energy


-Wales has more sheep than people, it's own language, , capital is
Cardiff, lots of contention with the English and even between North
and South Wales

Here are two Welsh words:
Pop-I-dee-ping: microwave
Piscadi wibbly wobbly: jellyfish....
Some one please look up if these people are lying to me


the bus stop said Mormon church stop haha


old WML had us over. keeping the ratio rule by staying public..

he went all out

 taco bar haha


nobody messing

sister Kretchmann Fernandez Gjakaj

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