Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Emi's Seventieth Email! June 6, 2016

Last Monday was still the best. We did some work, went to our charity
shop. I had to go to a meeting at the mission home with some other
missionaries and we had to leave 3 of our trainees to work together
for the day haha. Good thing sister F is so apt. 

We met with the Tongans, apts fell through, the weather was amazing!
The members here are so good! Molly came to institute, we had 2 street displays 
and a member who came out with us adopted a puppy for us so we could teach
the worker haha. We did a service project. Saw the BGs!

Sunday was great too because it was hot, I saw loads of people from
Oldham, Molly came to church!! Got work off for it and everything. I
had the best meal of my life-Filipino food! And we went to the
fireside with Molly! Such happy days!

Haha a member keeps threatening to put their dog in the toilet as
punishment for it being naughty, I know they mean the bathroom, but
every time I just picture them dipping the dog in the actual toilet

I'm so grateful for the gospel. It provides me with all the joy.

Top 10
1. Molly at church!!
2. Molly at institute, Molly at the fireside
3. Finished Jesus the Christ. So good
4. Tongan!
5. Seeing the Porridges and Leah!
6. Weather has been fab. Even got a sunburn that lasted a few hours...
7. Bulgarians
8. Sweet members with their funny kids! Kids are so funny!
9. Met some lady who was in Parliament- edwina curry??
10. Saw a kitten. Meow

And I've had a billion spider encounters this week. It's been
traumatic to say the least. Violated.

And Elder Oaks is coming to our mission this Saturday!!!!!!!

 desert cloud



whiskers was vicious. double chin lifestyle


been too long

haha, don't mess

honestly dont know how to take selfies..

 obiviously an accident



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