Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Emi's Seventy-First Email! June 13, 2016

You couldn't pack more jam into a jelly donut.

Monday was so hot and pday was cut short because of Saturday meeting and
Molly fell through because she was in the hospital..! And we had fhe.

We had zone meeting the next day in Rhyl, we did a training and
obviously smashed it. The APs were there, I swear they're following us.
But that was fun. Then we went back with Portmaddoc Sisters for
exchanges. They are machines! Way different than us, but had like 1,000
lessons. I went with a Sister from my group so that was fun! Made them
food of course.

Wednesday we worked mas and saw Jill, Bishop's Sister
from Oldham! Happy days! Love her. Then we had coordinating. Takes
some getting use to with new people. 

Thursday we did weekly planning, the weather changed for the worse and 
was back to rainy Normal. Then we saw a member in the hospital who got bit 
by a dog, rough.

Friday charity shop, GOT A CAR, that's right. Street display. Brought some 
members cookies we made. They live in a monastery haha. Had an apt fall through.

SATURDAY WE SAW AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD so we drove to Chorely and had
the Wrexham sisters stay the night before so we could take them fun! Elder
oaks spoke a lot on the basics, especially of repentance. I'm glad I
understand it at least to an extent and can try and help people get that
as well. Repenting feels great. and slo Bishop's family took us out
for lunch. So happy.
Then we worked a lot and got caught in what must've been a monsoon if
we were in Asia... I forgot my umbrella as wel hahaha. It was warm so
is ok.

Sunday, I've fallen asleep in Relief Society so many times now.
No good. We worked, saw a struggling member, and taught Molly at a
members for tea as well! There could be more tact on the member's part
but that's ok. We'll get there. She also didn't deny or accept her
baptismal date...pray for her.

-So that weird thing that was happening with my throat, happened
again, this time after eating that raw cookie dough, hmm.
-Realized 90% of my dairy intake on my mission has come from consuming
McFlurrys and I don't have a problem with it, also I don't really eat
much meat.
-I study approx 15-20 hours a week haha, getting every sec in I can.
-Lost my earrings, sorry MB, but thank you, they served well, also my
Young Women medallion...
-Still turn red very easily when spotlight is on, no thank you no
thank you. Many things have not changed...time running out ah
-The elders scared me again this week along with a killer dog,
screaming all day.
-30% of my excess body fat lies under my chin.
-the elders' water heater is off so they used ours one day haha
-They use knives and forks here for everything!
-For more fun facts, shoot us an email haha

Top 10
1. Seeing Elder Oaks, he held my hand a few extra secs to give
instructions for sitting down, whatever you want boss! He was
absolutely amazing and we have a secret fan club crush that's not so
secret on his wife. Look her up. They are both so funny and happy!
2. Bishop's family!!! Obvi including Jill
3. Our car, named Chav Benny! (Don't worry I'm not driving haha)
4. Lesson with Mollie
5. So many people at church
6. Zone meeting seeing the Sisters
7. The sun was nice while it lasted
8. Mas Bulgarians!
9. Exchange with the sisters
10. Still obsessed with the members

We went and saw Sister Scwab today, kinda far, but we helped clean
their flat a bit and hung out, it was a blast

Sometimes life just sucks, but also like I really don't have anything
to complain about the more I get to know people and see their
problems. Wish it were easier to help people . But it's all about
getting them one-at-a-time, just like how the Savior did. I'm so
grateful for the greater picture we have and the opportunity to try and
share that with others. There is a purpose!

too true



so far! yet so close...

this is the name of the longest named city in the world. You're welcome

there it is again

what a beautiful bridge

and bridge

and bridge

this angle of the bridge

another angle

live action shot of the brige

y bae

Bangor university

posh university

mas beauty

traveling to zone meeting

I love the queen

don't love bibs

bor shar!!!

Fondue for days!!!!

beyond giddy


too many blessings

ate all of it


Still my faves


shout out to mama for the Bulgarian stuff


it's a hedgehog

yummy meercats


nice journey

more tunnels

happy travels

posh tunnel

for the beuty of the earth

for the beuty of the sky

of the day



from the other week

delicious ice cream

felt so good! 

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