Monday, June 13, 2016

Emi's Sixty-Ninth Email! May 31, 2016

Oh. My. Days. This week was amazing! Seven week transfer just flew!

Monday we did such a beautiful hike and fhe seriously is giving me the
best ab workout ever. We had a good district meeting and street display
before a tea apt (watch out I got a fab pasta salad recipe up my
sleeve) from which we headed into Manchester for the night. It's weird
how my mission reminds me of my mission haha. We ended up in South
Manchester at like 9. Way more sketch if it were the dark winter. We
chilled with Sister Tuitupo from my group and it was so fun! My first
five weeks there were way more people but it was still fun
1st 5 weeks was good. The new missionaries, so tender. It was a ball,
especially seeing Sister Barbaro! Love her to bits. And Sister Baisden
and other sisters. There is a new senior couple and apparently Lindsey's
fiancé is their nephew-holla. Imagine if that was when I found out they
were engaged haha freak out. Sorry president. Then from there we had
a whole travel fiasco but at least we saw Bishop Ahworth who works
near there. We only just made it to Runcorn for the night for a last
exchange with Sister Gjakaj before she heads home! Also way fun but
limited sleep. This time with Sister Kretchman, we had way too much
fun. A kid our age said I was flirting with him giving him "all this
free stuff" (the BOM) and he called me out on my unammussed fake
laugh! No one has called it out before! Need to work on it. Then we
bid farewell. So sos oso also sad. 

So I know I was being dramatic last week, I'm not actually trunky. I 
literally still feel like I'll be here forever. So crazy! Next day we headed 
to our beloved Charity shop and that's when even more waves of emotion 
hit. President rang. Why in the world did he call?? I need to stay and finish 
training! Well we couldn't find out til later because he was at the temple so I
hyperventilated a tiny bit freaking out. I love Chester and Sister
Fernandex! Well eventually we found out it was all chill. Only thing
is we'll be having loads of exchanges this transfer and I'll have to be
making loads of phone calls. Rubbish. As many sisters as there are
elders and this zone is massive but we'll see. Hopefully we'll get a
car since Sister F has a license and stuff. So yeah. The weather has
been fab.

The weekend was good too! We taught Molly at the chapel clean up and
got McDs after! So good! Good street display. We caught a glimpse of the
Chester horse races and taught one of our fav part members. 

Sunday was good. We've been working hard. Still could refocus 
a bit better but now we'll be too busy to be distracted haha ah!
Sad to see Sister Black and Elder Launer go as well. God speed.

2. Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. We had a mini road
trip with a member; got lost but just had a ball then went to a Thai
Tonagn member, literally fed us a posh feast! They are so funny and
kind we look forward to working with them. Seriously I almost cried
from joy how wonderful yesterday was.

Top 10
1. Teaching Molly! What it's all about! She even stumbled upon single's
ward on Netflix and enjoyed the humour!
2. Staying in Chester with Sister F!
3. Last exchange with Sister Gakajg
4. Loggerhead (emotionally taxing as well)
5. 1st 5 weeks
6. Night in Manchester
7. Seeing Bishop Asjworth!
8. District meeting in the sun
9. Tongan gf asked if Sister F was Tongan hahahah
10. Don't worry, that faint tan line will make it til the end.

2 Ne 2:11 google it.
So one night (middle of the night I add), neither of us could sleep
and we were freaking out and scaring ourselves. We called the zone
leader and he told us to buy some pizza. Thanks. I was convinced the
prophet had died. It was crazy. Made me very grateful for President

I've been noticing a lot of my past trials have been sporadically
coming back to haunt me. But each time, I'm able to conquer much more
quickly than when they first hit me at the beginning of my mission.
It's just amazing how much Heavenly Father really is there for us and
helps us in each step.

haha I wish this were my planner


She palying

Playing the flute! YES!


Thanks MB!!!

Elvis fan


horse life

pig life



 ward. MCD

Horse races

here they come


souch a good photographer

having too much fun

all the time

our boys



tea calander. how it's done

road trip

pretty lake


da train

it's catching on

Howgarts express???

who dat

country road


view from MCDs, the best!

The chapel clean up

snap on Jamie's pohone



aint nobody messing


so sad gone!!!

so many sheep



beautiful!!! OUR SPOT

the feast!

so excited! literally could not contain the joy



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