Monday, July 18, 2016

Emi's Seventy-Second Email! June 20, 2016

How many times can you get caught in the rain? As many times as you
forget your umbrella!!

Too many fab weeks. We had our "Welsh holiday" at the beginning of the
week with Garwean then we slept in Rhly to start our exchange with the
Sisters there. Such a posh flat! Beach front, massive, seriously a
vacation rental ah! We went to their district meeting in the morning,
it was seriously soooo funny. Plus 3 sets of sisters were there so it
was really productive! Then we started the real exchange. Wow was it a
flop for (Japanese from Caleb's mission) Sister Haruyama. Such a bad
example. We got stuck in literally the heaviest rain of my life. Like
I understand what showers are we took shelter and I had her
read the BOM to me for an hour haha then a member saved us!

Next day we went and visited LAs with the same member who saved us
yesterday! It was so powerful, so much better with members! Like
efficiency was up. Then we went to a meeting with the stake President and
our mission president. Our charity shop is a blast. A super sweet
member took us out to a nice restaurant with her two daughters, so

We met with Mollie and after a change of heart she committed to a
date!!!!!!!! Some of the stuff I shared with her about my difficulty
with commitment, especially with baptism kinda helped her out, stoked!
It made me feel so much more of my purpose here to personally help
people. We had some good street displays. Asking people if they are "forever
couples" all day haha. We even did a street display with a sister in
Wrexham, good times. Hopefully that family redated for baptism! Ah so
much to do.

Oh I never mentioned how our new zone leaders were my friends! Elder
McDowell from South Africa who was my district leader for 3 months in
Oldham, and Honorio from Brasil from my MTC group! Yay.
-I've been doing better with quitting biting my finger skin
-Members brought us so many sweets!

Top 10
1. Mollie Baptism date!!!
2. Welsh Work haha
3. I don't know everything was good
4. Going to restaurant with the member
5. Getting caught in the rain was funny
6. New nick names with the kids Sister Nandos and Dominos, I'll let
you guess who is who.
7. Member working with us
8. Exchange. Mas Panqueques and Nutella
9. Did I mention how soft Elder Oak's hands were..
10. Also last week don't know if I said, but we went to the town with
the longest name in the world

The 12 days of Christmas while hiking snowdonia again, works with my mission.
1st day a Chav Benny (our car)
2 sheep a "bah"ing
3 transfers together (me and Sister Fernandez)
4 baptisms (it shall happen!)
5 cheese and onion butties
6 Welshman singing
7 hikes up mountains
8 investigators swimming (for our investigator pool)
9 knock off track suits
10 celebrations boxes (box of mini chocolates members gave us)
11 Chairity shops deals
12 a mission (apparently there are 12 transfers for sisters on their mission)

I spoke to President Pugmire yesterday on the phone! It wasn't
anywhere near as weird as I thought it would be. It was so good to
hear from him! Can't believe it.

Thanks everybody for the half birthday wishes!
Happy real birthday Hannah Andrews and Jenny Nafrada and Amber Hutchinson

I'm so grateful for our Heavenly Father. Watch this video: Earthly
Father, Heavenly Father. Perfect.

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